The controversial beauty trend Kaia Gerber is tempted to try

“I'm too scared!”

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / July 19 2022

There are a few benefits to having a literal supermodel as a mum.

1) You’re genetically blessed at birth. 2) You’re on a first name basis with celebrities and fashion designers. 3) You have a wealth of beauty knowledge at your fingertips.

As if her tidy body of work wasn’t enough to make us envy her alone, Kaia Gerber has ‘90s supermodel (and mum) Cindy Crawford on speed dial for helpful advice when it comes to beauty.

Main image credit: Getty

Main image credit: Getty

But that doesn’t mean Gerber isn’t tempted to go against the wisdom of her mother to try a trend or too. 

“Super skinny brows are coming back which is crazy because I thought we'd never go back to that,” Gerber confessed to ELLE UK. “I'm tempted to try it but I also don't want to mess with my brows.”

“I'd be the person whose eyebrows never grew back and I'm too scared,” she went on to say.

Crawford may have something to do with the young model’s fear of thin eyebrows considering the icon explicitly told her daughter “don't touch your eyebrows!”

Despite Gerber’s generation flocking to eyebrow trends over the years, the 20-year-old has steered clear of the practice in lieu of accepting her impressive eyebrow inheritance.

Image credit: @brycescarlett

Image credit: @brycescarlett

“It was such a big trend when I was younger to get your eyebrows threaded or waxed or tweezed,” Gerber explained in the same interview. “But when I started modelling I got told, ‘Don't touch them’ and I still haven't.”

It seems Gerber’s mother Crawford lives by the rule: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

'My mum always just said less is more, and I've tried to live by that,” Gerber continued. “I don't think this is true for everyone, but I feel the most beautiful when I feel like myself so I try not to overdo it because I don't want to feel like I'm wearing a mask.”

Rather than cake on a mask of makeup, Gerber chooses to express herself through her hair. 

“I always have an itch to do something to my hair,” she admitted. “It's like an actual personality trait of mine where every morning I wake up and think, ‘what if I shaved my head today?’.” 

“Most days I tell myself to ‘Sssh’,” she joked. “But some days I don't and that's when I end up cutting my own fringe... It's still growing out. But it's just hair, it grows back.”

And we love her for it. We’re still seeing celebs embrace Gerber’s experimental spirit and the wolf cut hair trend (which the model helped to pioneer). 

Main image credit: @ninapark

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