Kesha says butt masks are “kinda her thing”

“God I can’t wait to put this on my butt”

Digital Beauty Editor / September 14 2020

Remember when Kesha was talkin’ 'pedicures on our toes, toes’? Well, she’s since pivoted – now she’s talking about masks on your butt instead.

Yep, the singer and self-confessed skin care junkie is a big believer in making sure your buns aren’t missing out on any of the nourishing goodness that at-home treatments have to offer.

Her logic is pretty damn sturdy, too: “What’s one of the most important areas of your body? Yes, your butt,” she explained via an unboxing video. “I’m obsessed with masks [and] I was like “well, what about my butt, though?” Honestly, fair query.

“I love butts, who doesn't? I started [masking my butt] at the beginning of this quarantine we’re in, because I was just bored out of my mind. I wanted to give my butt love because my butt deserves love. I found these butt masks and now it’s kind of my thing. I’m like [the] butt mask lady. I love masks and I love butts.”

Via: YouTube/Kesha

Via: YouTube/Kesha

Via: YouTube/Kesha

But while Kesha was a little curious about one of the latest booty-centric formulas sent her way (“what’s a butt balm?”), it was its hero ingredient that really piqued her interest: “I love CBD and your butt deserves CBD too, so like duh, this is genius. [They’re] helping me to have my best butt."

Bawdy CBD Butt Balm Butt Stick

Bawdy Clay Butt Mask Butt Stick

Bawdy Bite It Hydrating & Toning Butt Mask

She’s not trying to completely glamourise the process, either – Kesha made it crystal clear that the application situation is not always easy. “You’re laying flat on your stomach, so you need someone to help you put it on. I have to have my boyfriend help me; a task he hates doing,” she joked.

She’s willing to push through in the name of her toosh, though – the girl’s got a goal: “By the end of quarantine I’m going to have the coolest butt in all the land,” she vowed. Now that’s a peach-plumping pledge we can stand in full support of.

Main image credit: @iiswhoiis

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