Kim Kardashian's latest bizarre skin care treatment

Plus, why it’s effective and worth trying for yourself

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

In recent months we’ve seen the emergence of spider venom as an anti-ageing ingredient, the rise in popularity for skin care powders and a product featuring a formula made with old roses. Now Kim Kardashian has added yet another bizarre treatment to the list.

The reality star shared on her Snapchat that the latest treatment she is crediting for her clear and glowing complexion is facial cupping. While you may have heard about the concept of full body cupping therapy, which has been used by athletes and celebrities alike to help stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation, facial cupping is something we have never seen before.  

E! News spoke to Nurse Jamie, the celebrity skin expert Kim credits for her own treatments (who has also worked with the likes of Kate Hudson and Jenna Dewan-Tatum) to share the process and benefits of the facial cupping technique. The expert explains that the facial cupping technique is similar to the full body version in that it encourages blood flow, but it also stimulates the lymphatic system (the network of organs that help rid the body of toxins) to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Nurse Jamie says that the vacuum effect of the strategically placed cups relax your muscles and ease facial tension, resulting in immediately plumped skin, without the bruising aftermath you are likely to associate with the full body cupping method.  

“We love to combine cupping with other facial treatments because the increased circulation allows for skin care products to absorb much more effectively into the skin,” she explained.

Body cupping therapy is readily available in Sydney, generally from Eastern medical clinics, including the Acupuncture and Beauty centre in Sydney’s CBD, and Classical Acupuncture Sydney, located in Willoughby. Depending on the policy of the clinic, cupping can be used on any part of the body that is not covered in hair or considered too boney.

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Image credit: Getty; @kimkardashian

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