Kourtney Kardashian’s workout hacks will inspire you to get your butt off the couch

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August 03 2020

It’s no secret that Kourtney Kardashian works damn hard to stay in shape (got cheese to grate on those abs? 😍) But just like a lot of us, lately the mum-of-three has pressed pause on her healthy habits (read: less sweating and salads, more Netflix and naps.)

It begs the question… what’s one to do when a global pandemic makes a mess of your motivation? Thankfully, Kourts has a few tried-and-tested hacks to help ease us back into exercise.

Tip 1. Schedule workouts with friends (if you have enough space to do this safely, that is.)

According to her lifestyle website, Poosh, Kourt has a group thread with her besties called ‘Gym Class Heroes’ where they text each other weekly to keep everyone on track. “Whether it’s a reminder on what time they’re working out tomorrow or what they’re having for lunch after their session. Hold your crew (and self) accountable,” a recent blog reads.

Tip 2. Plan a post-workout reward.

Be it a super quick coffee or debrief over brekkie, Kourtney always makes sure she has something to look forward to after each sweat sesh. “Like OK, we’ll get through this and then enjoy a nice matcha latte or chagaccino and lunch while we all catch up,” she says.

Tip 3. Break exercise into bite-sized pieces.

Kourt’s trainer Coach Don taught her to break her workouts into quarters to make it more achievable. E.g. 3-5 minutes of skipping and core-work etc. In between each quarter, however, you can have a little break which makes the full sequence “less overwhelming.” She says this is “a smart strategy to get through a tough workout and gives you energy for a bonus round after the four quarters.”

Tip 4. Make music a priority.

When it comes to pushing out those last few reps, a good playlist is key. “Have the right music ready and know your audience and crew,” Kourt says. “Maybe it’s a rough Monday and you need a calm lineup to get you in the mood. And if all else fails, Khloé’s beast mode curation never disappoints. Just know when to change it up.”


Tip 5. Keep your gear in a convenient place.

Whether it’s a basket, bin or bucket, it’s a good idea to put your everything you might need for the gym in a place that’s easily accessible. “It’ll encourage you to wake up and get at it—no complications.” Kourt keeps hers in the garage so then she can take it out to her backyard for her at-home workouts. Here’s what’s inside her kit: a skipping rope, sauna suit, waistband that increases sweat production, a visor to block and shield the sun, workout gloves, a reusable water bottle, towel and muscle massage tool.

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How do you been staying motivated to workout?

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