Kylie Jenner debuts ‘Kyliner’ for her 19th birthday

Kylie Cosmetics keeps growing by the day!

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Only days after the release of Kyshadow, the Kylie Cosmetics empire continues to grow with another announcement from Kylie Jenner. For the celebration of her upcoming 19th birthday, Kylie has debuted a Birthday Collection on Snapchat, showing off a cosmetic bag, eyeliner kit, matte liquid lipstick, lip gloss and crème eyeshadow.

Kylie showed off the Dark Bronze Eyeliner shade with an arm swatch, as well as the other products featured in the Kyliner Kit. She claims the Dark Bronze shade is part of all of her personal makeup looks.

The theme of the collection seems to be metallic, with a rose gold and a copper crème shadow shown, as well as a Birthday Edition Metal Matte Lipstick range, showcasing an arm swatch of the shade Lord in a beautiful gold.

Although the range has not yet hit Kylie Cosmetics online, Kylie has confirmed it will be available from 3pm, August 1 in America, which is 8am, August 2 here in Australia. At this point however, Kylie has also said the collection will only be available until the August 10, 2016. 

“I have been building this quantity for a long time, so I know there will be enough for everybody,” she says, considering Kylie Cosmetics’ reputation for selling out at lightning speed. 

It looks set to be a huge week and birthday for Kylie Jenner with the release of these 10 new products.

Image credits:@kyliejenner; @Kylizzlemynizzl

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