Kylie Jenner has just launched her first eyeshadow palette

Like her Lip Kits, we predict these will sell out in minutes

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

It seems as though we can’t go a day without another Kylie Jenner beauty update and today certainly didn’t disappoint on that front. Just last week she launched three new neutral Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit shades and now the youngest Jenner has entered the eye makeup world by releasing her very first bronze eyeshadow palette, aptly named Kyshadow.

The palette features nine bronze and brown powder shadows designed to create a combination of eye looks ranging from soft and subtle to dramatic and smoky. Kylie took to her Snapchat earlier this morning and demonstrated how she applies all nine shadows on herself as well as swatching each shade on her arm.

The reality star has also released a video on her website where she shared that she’s been wearing the palette for close to six months and brought celebrity makeup artist Ariel Tejada in to apply a bronzed eye look on Kylie. It's a step-by-step bronzed eye tutorial you don't want to miss.

Like her Lip Kits, Kylie’s Kyshadows are sure to take the beauty world by storm and if her promise that the two new eyeshadow palettes will be released before next year are anything to go by, we have no doubt that the makeup queen is well on her way to beauty domination.

Image credit: @kyliejenner: @makeupbyariel

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