Kylie Jenner debuts platinum blonde hair

And we’re (pretty) sure it’s for real this time

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

In the saga that is Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing hair, the reality star has debuted a brand new hair colour via Snapchat. The 19-year-old documented her extreme dying process, from applying the dye to washing it out. The catch, however, was she had added a black and white filter to her Snapchat, meaning we couldn’t tell what colour she was dying her hair - at first.

The result has now been revealed (also via Snapchat), with Kylie showing off platinum blonde hair, freshly dyed and still wet. While she has tried this look multiple times over the past 12 months with very convincing wigs, it seems this time Kylie is opting for a permanent change.

Since revealing the colour change on Snapchat, Kylie has been photographed in New York showing off the final result.  The 19-year-old has styled it into bedhead waves and has seemingly lightened her eyebrows to match the new colour.   

 We love her new look, however we can’t help but be reminded of another celeb…her big sister, Kim Kardashian West. While we're fairly certain this big hair change is indeed the real deal, we have been tricked by Kylie's hair changes before, so we wouldn't be entirely surprised if she's trolled us all yet again. For now, we'll just enjoy the huge hair change.


Image credits: Getty; kylizzlemynizzl; @kyliejenner

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