The Review Crew® Report: L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks

What our reviewers thought of the clay masks

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 25 2017

The Review Crew® panel 

Beauty Crew sent L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores, L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask Purify & Mattify and L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask Detox & Brighten, a clay-enriched range of masks, to a panel of women aged 16-34.

What they loved about the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores

How little product they needed to use: There was overwhelming praise for how little product was needed to get results, with many claiming the mask was good value for money.

How well their makeup applied as a result: Our reviewers claimed the mask helped remove dead skins from the skin’s surface to reveal a smoother complexion that made their makeup a dream to apply onto. 

Good to know: Some reviewers who have sensitive skin that’s prone to redness found the scrub’s exfoliating beads too harsh, while others with the same skin concerns didn’t experience any irritation. We recommend always doing a patch test first when using a new product. 

The verdict

This is also a great mask to pop on before a big night out for youthful skin and improve makeup application. Recommend to everyone who wants soft supple skin to try this product and will definitely be buying it as soon as I run out.

What they loved about the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask Purify & Mattify

How it helped control oil on their T-zone: Reviewers commented on how the mask mattified their oily skin, and was particularly well-suited for use on their T-zone.

The thick, quick-drying texture: There were numerous compliments for the thick texture of this product, as well as how quickly it dried and how smoothly it went on to skin.

The verdict

I have very oily skin around my T-zone and found this mask to deliver on its promise of mattifying my skin. It left my skin feeling cleansed and the excess oil absorbed. Given the mattifying nature of this mask, I steered clear of my cheeks as to not dry out the area too much, which I've noticed some other reviewers had issues with. Definitely recommend for oily skin or an oily t-zone!

What they loved about the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask Detox & Brighten

The bright glow it gave to skin: Reviewers commented on how clear and bright their complexion was after using the mask, and noticed a healthy glow with continued use.

How easily the product washes off: Unlike dry clay masks that take a while to remove all traces, many reviewers mentioned how easily the mask rinsed off with warm water and a cloth.

The verdict

After one application I got comments on how bright and clear my skin looked. Application was easy. You just apply a thin layer to your face with your fingers. It was a little messy to rinse off in the sink with the black clay but it's a small price to pay. Instantly after use my skin felt softer, looked brighter and my pores looked clean.

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The products for this Review Crew® trial have been provided by L’Oréal Paris to Pacific Magazines’ BEAUTYcrew for the purpose of trial and review by BEAUTYcrew members.

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