We know the *exact* products used to create Lana Del Rey’s Old Hollywood lips & liner look…

We’re not playing (video) games…

Content Producer / April 18 2024

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t major lovers of all things Lana Del Rey, with the starlet concreting her way into pop stardom (and our hearts) with her iconic lyrics and RBF. There’s really only one thing that can rival her music, and that’s her signature, old glamour-inspired makeup: the winged liner that never smudges (how?!) and her perfected pout that we cannot take our eyes off. 

We were served an absolute masterclass in glam when she stepped out at Coachella 2024 weekend one. And it was all thanks to long-time makeup artist Etienne Ortega (who recently launched his own makeup line). Thankfully there’s absolutely no (summertime) sadness when it comes to sussing out the exact products he used to create the unbelievable look.

Here’s how to get the Lana Del Rey lipstick and liner look, as revealed by her makeup artist…

Lana Del Rey’s Eyeliner

Aside from her music (obviously), the main thing that comes to mind when we think of Lana Del Rey is her incredibly note-worthy winged eyeliner. The Sophia Loren meets Marilyn Monroe, old school Hollywood glam eyeliner has been a staple for as long as we’ve been seeing Del Rey perform. 

And ever since Del Rey and Ortega started working together, he’s only upped her glam levels (while of course still letting her natural beauty sing). The match made in makeup heaven is a melding of two worlds, and honestly, we think the pair have only worked wonders together. 

But, we digress. Now for the noteworthy iconic wings. Before Ortega even picks up his liner, he plans out where the wings will go (and their thickness), based on the event or performance Del Rey is attending. The choice to change it up given the situation is probably how we’ve come to rely on Del Rey for always perfect liner; she’s got a shape and style for every occasion. 

For the products, Ortega almost always chooses the waterproof, longwearing Givenchy Liner Disturbia Precision Felt-Tip Eyeliner ($42 at Sephora). But when he does opt for a pencil liner (it can be black or brown) he goes for the Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil ($35 at Sephora)

Lana Del Rey’s lipstick

As for lips, Ortega opted to use a duo of his own products to outline and highlight Del Rey’s pout. Said pairing clearly has some impressive staying power, given it was still steadfast on her lips when she left the stage. 

And thankfully, you don’t have to add to the abundance of comments flooding Ortega’s Instagram begging for the shades, because we’ve got you covered. Labelling it as a ‘juicy lip’, Ortega is a big fan of mixing up exactly which shade he uses (though Del Rey has shade ‘Cinnamon Girl’ named after her). For her incredible Coachella look, he opted for the Ortega Soft Contour Lip Liner in ‘Xola’ ($26 at Etienne Ortega) which gave a contoured, ‘90s-inspired shape and shade to her lips. To finish the look off, he took the Ortega Liquid Icon Hyper Gloss ($29 at Etienne Ortega) and applied it generously for the ultimate glossy throwback lips. 

Now we’ve got all the makeup knowledge to create Lana Del Rey’s signature look. If only we could warm up our vocal cords to sound anything like hers. Guess we’ll have to keep practicing in the mirror with this exact glam.

Main Image Credit: @etienneortega

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