Lana Del Rey shares the unexpected way to use your brow pencil

The hack we’ve never heard before

Beauty Crew Contributor / August 28 2020

Social media is a beautiful thing. Not only does it provide us with all the beauty inspiration we could ever need, but it also gives celebrities an excellent platform to share the clever little tips, tricks and hacks they’ve picked up from their glam teams.

The most recent beauty revelation comes from singer Lana Del Rey, who recently posted a video on her Instagram account of her everyday makeup routine and revealed a few interesting ways she uses her brow pencil. 

She starts off by using her pencil in the traditional way – combing her eyebrows with the spoolie on one end, followed by filling them in using soft, small strokes with the pigmented colour on the other end.  And that’s when things get a little interesting. Lana proceeds to darken visible spots (be they blemishes or faint freckles) on her face with the pencil. The singer uses the pencil in single dots to darken the almost-spots on her cheeks and her chin, before pressing on them with her fingertip to blend in the colour for a more natural finish. This sneaky trick turns any unwanted pimples into soft freckles that stand out against her pale complexion.

The third way she uses her  brow pencil in the look is to create soft wings under her lower lash line. This works in the same way as a dramatic winged liner would help to create the illusion of bigger eyes, however the use of the soft brown colour leaves a subtle finish that still makes an impact. Watch the video below to see exactly how Lana puts her brow pencil to use.

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Image credit: Getty

Video credit: @lanadelrey

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