If you have dark circles you need to try the viral demi method

TikTok is obsessed with the micro-concealing hack

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 22 2023

Anyone who has dark circles will be able to tell you that sometimes trying to cover them up can feel like a losing battle. 

Regardless of the amount of illuminating eye cream, colour corrector, and concealer you layer on they still never seem to truly disappear. Plus, when you apply that many makeup products under your eyes, the end result inevitably looks cakey, begins to crease and settles into fine lines. Not ideal.

But the folks on TikTok have been getting crafty with their colour-correcting and created something called the ‘demi method’ or ‘micro-concealing’. 

It claims to use less product than traditional concealing methods and minimises the appearance of dark circles. When executed correctly, the demi method should brighten your under-eyes without alerting anyone to the fact that you’re actually wearing makeup.  

What is the demi micro-concealing method?

TikTok creator Tara Sigari talked her fans through the technique in one of her videos, and applied the techniques to one side of her face, whilst leaving the other side completely bare. 

In the clip she applied a few darker shades of cream foundation to the parts of her face where the light naturally hits and illuminates to visually flatten the area. She lightly tapped a light sheen of makeup to the uppermost part of the apples of her cheeks and above her lip. 

Then she took a concealer one to two shades lighter than her skin tone and applied it to the back of her hand.

She used a thin eyeliner brush to pick up a microscopic amount of product, and carefully applied it in precise lines on her face to the trough of her dark circles, a faint smile line, and the slight shadow of a crows' feet wrinkle at the corner of her eye, and then she diffused it with a fluffy brush.

“I genuinely can’t believe the power of makeup,” Sigari said once she’d finished and examined her work. “Both sides [of my face] look like I have absolutely no makeup [on].”

“[But] look at this under eye,” she said pointing to the side of her face that she’d used the demi method on. “There is no under-eye [darkness].”

Watch the full video below:

@tarasigari Have you heard of the Demi method makeup? in my opinion it’s basically a no makeup makeup look! Or spot/ micro concealing whatever you wanna call it! It’s perfect for people who avoid make up or think it ages them! I hope you enjoy this beginner, friendly makeup tutorial. It’s basically other way of color correcting. . . #de#demimethode#demimethodmakeupp#spotconcealingi#microconcealingo#colorcorrectiono#nomakeupmakeupo#nomakeupa#makeupforbeginnerso#concealerhacka#makeupi#viralmakeup ♬ original sound - TARA SIGARI MAKEUP FASHION

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