Tiktok’s ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ promises better sleep – but does it actually work?

An expert weighs in

BEAUTYcrew Beauty & Social Editor / May 11 2023

TikTok has become a valuable source for beauty hacks and wellness tips. With a plethora of experts including nutritionists, naturopaths and celebrity makeup artists, there’s almost nothing you can’t find the answer to on the app. But it seems there’s a new wellness trend every week, so sometimes it’s best to proceed with caution.

The latest viral health hack? The ‘sleepy girl mocktail’. 

Wellness influencer Gracie Norton posted a video about her DIY sleep drink back in March and swore it gave her “the best sleep of [her] life”. And since then our For You page has been overflowing with sleepy girl mocktail recipes.

Whilst each creator’s mocktail tends to vary slightly, there are a few common ingredients: tart cherry juice, magnesium and prebiotic soda.

As big supporters of the eight hours of sleep rule (ideally, we’d like more), we were intrigued by the idea of a magic sleep potion. But we decided to call upon our brains trust, AKA dietitian Madeline Parsons, to find out whether or not we should be calling BS on the sleepy girl mocktail. 

Does the sleepy girl mocktail actually work?

Let’s start by taking a deep dive into the ingredients. “While tart cherry juice contains melatonin, an essential ingredient when shaking up a good night’s sleep, it also can cause vivid dreams and runs the potential to heighten anxiousness in those suffering from anxiety,” Parsons explains.

“Magnesium has very much been the ‘it girl’ of the supplement world for 2023, and for good reason,” she continues. “There is strong research to show that it assists in muscle recovery, relaxation and can also improve sleep quality. However, it can also cause some major stomach upset.”

Parsons also explains that as powdered magnesium is the recommended form for sleep, you can also expect to make more trips to the bathroom throughout the night. Not ideal for those of us needing an uninterrupted sleep…

As for prebiotic soda, Parsons notes that they do carry promising gut health benefits, however, they are often pricy and “can cause gastrointestinal discomfort which can directly affect a good night’s sleep.”

“In theory, the ingredients of the sleepy girl mocktail are backed by science and show some promising benefits,” Parsons says. “However, as the response of the mocktail will vary from person to person, it’s better to save yourself the money and potentially annoying side effects and go back to basics.”

What are the basics, you ask? Parsons recommends bulking up your diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. If you are looking to add a supplement such as magnesium to your diet, Parsons recommends consulting your doctor or health specialist.

When it comes to improving your sleep quality, a balanced diet is certainly beneficial. Parsons also recommends avoiding caffeine past midday (the struggle is real), doing daily exercise, limiting alcohol and improving your sleep hygiene. Time to say goodbye to your late-night TikTok scrolling…

Want more sleep health tips? Here’s a sleep therapist’s guide to improving your sleep.

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