7 ways to get healthy-looking long hair

Get great lengths without going to great lengths

April 05 2024

Unless you're genetically blessed, growing your hair long and strong can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

With split ends, breakage and dullness to contend with, the key to reaching your long hair goals lies within maintaining good hair health. Especially if you want to wear it out in all its glory and not in a topknot 24/7.

The good news is, keeping your hair healthy is actually pretty easy. All it takes is a few developmental habits to become mainstays in your routine and you'll soon begin to notice the difference in every wash, dry and brush.

Not sure where to start? Here are six healthy hair tips that can make all the difference.


Try a scalp scrub

Good hair health starts at the root. A scalp scrub gently exfoliates to maintain balance and remove product build-up, with recommended use just once or twice a week. Try: Sukin Naturals Balance Scalp Scrub ($21.95 at Sukin). Big fan of natural ingredients? Complete the routine with Sukin Naturals Natural Balance Shampoo ($16.95 at Sukin) and Conditioner ($16.95 at Sukin).


Give your hair a break from heat

Ask any hairdresser the solution to damaged hair and they're likely to tell you to lay off the heat. Not sure how to style your hair without your beloved hot tools? Try braiding it before bed for loose waves in the morning, or start playing around with accessories. Word on the street is claw clips are back and the Scunci Jaw Clip Jumbo ($6.95 at Big W) is both stunning and a steal.


Use shine-enhancing hair colour

If you colour your hair at home, it's worth paying attention to the ingredients in your box dye and what they mean for your hair health. Clairol Natural Instincts ($9.39 at Chemist Warehouse) is a great guilt-free option, with no ammonia and a shine-boosting formula. However, if you prefer a permanent colour, Clairol Nice'n Easy Repair ($8 at Coles) features REPAIRPLEX technology to strengthen and restructure the hair while colouring.


Mask it up

Slathering your strands in a nourishing mask is genuinely one of those no-brainer shortcuts toward healthy hair. But how often do you actually take the time to coat your mane in a heaping helping of hydrating, restorative protection? We’re guessing not enough. Our top hair masking pick? None other than the vitamin enriched hair mask from the Matrix Food For Soft range ($64.95 at Oz Hair and Beauty).


Sleep on silk

Not only will the feel of silk send you off into a boujee slumber, but the gentle material also provides more slip than cotton, resulting in less breakage. 


Nourish with every wash

Hydration and hair health go hand in hand, so stocking your shower shelf with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner combo is key. We recommend the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Shampoo ($22 at Woolworths) and the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Conditioner ($22 at Woolworths); both formulas work in unison to help you swap brittleness for silkiness. And you know what silkiness screams? Healthy hair, of course!


Get a haircut

It can often seem counterintuitive when growing your hair long, but regular trims are a must. It won't make your hair grow faster (total myth), however, it will help to keep split ends at bay so that the length you do grow is healthy and strong. If split ends always seem to find you no matter what, perhaps try a specific treatment like ghd Avanced Split End Therapy ($44 at ghd) between salon visits, too.

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Main image credit: @dualipa