3 ways to get healthy-looking long hair

Get great lengths without going to great lengths

WHO Contributor / February 08 2017

With long hair comes great responsibility. It’s hard to disguise unhealthy hair when you’re wearing it out, and nobody wants to hide long tresses in a top knot every day so looking after your hair is essential. "It's all about maintaining healthy hair, and when you have that good base you can do anything to it," says Barney Martin, of Sydney's Barney Martin salon. Follow these steps and styling tricks for getting healthy looking Rapunzel-like lengths.


Repair the hair

If your hair isn’t healthy, it’s never going to look good. To repair dry and damaged long hair, swap to a shampoo and conditioner that’s extra nourishing, like Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo. If you find it weighs down your hair, only apply your shampoo to the roots and your conditioner from the mid lengths to the ends.


Smooth your strands

"Sleek, straight, glossy hair is going to give an appearance of more length," says Martin. "Blow-dry sleek with a silicone-based product for extra shine, using a flat or round brush to smooth the cuticle. Run over with straightening irons and shine spray for an extra-glossy feel." Try applying John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum before blow-drying.


Get a haircut

It may sound counter-intuitive when you are trying to embrace your long hair, but regular haircuts help prevent split ends and encourage healthy growth. If you find you regularly get split ends, have a repairing treatment at the ready, like Joico K-PAK Split End Mender.

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