4 easy ways to dress up your topknot

Shay Mitchell Topknot

Try one of these tricks on your next dirty hair day!

Beauty Crew Editor / April 21 2017

When it comes to a dirty hair day, most of us are inclined to spray some dry shampoo and throw our hair into a topknot. It’s the go-to style that has seen most of us through sleep-ins, post-exercise sessions, and bad hair days. 

But as handy as the humble topknot is, it doesn’t always scream polished and put-together. So here are some incredibly easy ways to tweak your topknot so that it’s just as low maintenance, but with a stylish flair.


Add a cuff to your topknot

Give your topknot a hit of instant glamour by finishing it off with a metallic hair cuff. This trick will literally only add 10 seconds to your topknot styling time, but will take your bun to the next level. Chloe + Isabel have some beautiful options – from the standard metal cuff similar to Sarah Hyland’s here, to more deco styles, as well as ones with gorgeous tassel details.

Sarah Hyland Topknot with cuff


Tie a bow around your topknot

A sleek velvet ribbon tied around the base of your topknot is equal parts pretty, feminine, and chic. Disney actress Dove Cameron shows how excellently a black ribbon contrasts with blonde hair, but it’ll look just as striking on any shade of hair. This one is as easy as heading into your nearest Spotlight store and picking your favourite velvet shade! Just remember to cut the ribbon on a diagonal angle for a polished finish.

Dove Cameron bun


Only do a half topknot

If your roots are quite greasy but your ends aren’t too bad, instead of throwing all of your hair up into a topknot, section off some strands (from the top of one ear to another), and create your topknot with it, leaving the rest of your hair loose. To give the bottom layer more texture like Olivia Culpo has, spray it with some dry shampoo or texturising spray and give it a quick curl with your straightener.

Olivia Culpo half topknot


Try some hair piercings around your topknot

Okay, the hair piercing situation Chris Appleton created for Shay Mitchell is a little more intricate and time-consuming than the other ones, but if you have the braiding skills it’s definitely worth copying to add some edge to your topknot. If you don’t quite have the time to recreate this exact style, use hair piercings in other ways to give your topknot some flair: you could loop them around the base of your bun, or even create a halo crown from above your ear to the base of your topknot – the world is your oyster! You can find metal hair rings on Etsy, or UK brand AEON delivers to Australia.

Shay Mitchell hair piercings

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