Shay Mitchell’s topknot is insane

You need to see the style from the back

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Shay Mitchell has never been afraid to push beauty boundaries on the red carpet and the 2016 Teen Choice Awards was no exception. The Pretty Little Liars actress, who is usually known for her exceptionally shiny and lengthy locks, opted for something a little different for the event.

Hairstylist Chris Appleton created an elaborate topknot for Shay, which not only looked stunning from the front but also dazzled with its detail from the back.

The shot from Appleton’s Instagram account showed a number of tiny gold hoops woven up the back of the actress’s head to match her edgy burgundy eyeshadow look.

As beautiful and intricate as the creation was, Shay revealed via Snapchat the struggles of trying to take out the intricate ‘do:

 “The amazing part of working with very talented artists is that they can do this…” she said. “Also a little challenging when it comes to the time when you need to take it out, cause I don’t have a friend here to take out these hoops…Chris?”

“Okay so I can’t take the hoops out of my hair, so I’m just going to leave it in and hopefully find someone tomorrow to help me.”

This hairstyle is definitely going on our need-to-try list, and like Shay, we agree that it’s totally worth the hassle of removing.

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Image credits: @chrisappleton1; @officialshaym

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