Worried you're dating a cheater? Shay Mitchell is here to give you some tough love

Learn from her mistakes

Beauty Editor / July 07 2023

Shay Mitchell is so frickin' cool. Her Barbie hair transformation is solid proof of that. She's also incredibly funny (have you seen her TikTok?), wildly talented and to round it off, drop-dead gorgeous.

So, to make it fair, she's got to be riddled with anxiety and deeply insecure, right? Wrong. So, so wrong. In fact, she's anything but. And she's here to teach us a lesson in how we can follow suit so that we'll never, ever "waste [our] days worrying about someone else". Specifically, a cheating partner. 

Mitchell sat down with Alex Cooper, the host of the Call Her Daddy podcast to have a candid conversation on how exactly she's avoided a toxic relationship and instead, landed herself in a healthy, trusting partnership with Matte Babel, the father of her two daughters, Atlas and Rome.





When it comes to her stance on cheating, she'll be giving no second chances. "If you can have them, you can have them," she said. "I don't want [him] then. If you can take him from me, then he's yours". Preach sis.

"I've always felt pretty secure and confident with who I was before getting into a relationship," Mitchell explained. "I don't want to constantly be living in a state of anxiety, wondering where they are [or] what they're doing." 

Mind you, has Mitchell always been someone who has practised what she preaches? No, not her 20s at least: "I wasted so many sleepless nights, for what? Did that change how he acted? No."



So here's the deal, "if you're staying up at night, not sleeping, stalking an Instagram, he's still doing what he's doing." AKA, if your partner is a cheating scoundrel, there's no amount of anxiety or worrying that's going to change that.

"It may seem like I'm just like 'let him go, let him be free' but also - yeah. If it's the wrong person why do you want to waste your time anyway?"

Touché Ms Mitchell, touché.


Main image credit: @ash_kholm

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