Meet the skin-tightening secret weapon Olivia Culpo calls a ‘game-changer’

“Don’t they feel good?”

Digital Beauty Editor / April 25 2023

You’d be forgiven for thinking that with a face like Olivia Culpo’s you maybe wouldn’t feel the need to turn to tools designed to firm. But did you ever consider that maybe her face is so fabulously firm because of said tools? Exactly. Cue intrigue.

Sure, genetics played a pretty major role (a glimpse into those in a minute) and her cheekbones could cause injury any day, but Culpo still doesn’t let her skin rest on its laurels. Nope, she makes sure it stays at a 10 in the tautness department at all times by relying on a pair of clever cryotherapy wands.

“These are amazing, I put them in the freezer every night, and every morning I do them,” she explained via an Instagram Story. “It really does help with everything. I got them from Toska European Spa and they are a game-changer.”


FYI, her exact wands (by Biologique Recherche, the same brand behind this cult-status lotion) are unfortunately a ‘POA’ style buy, but there are definitely some more affordable options, like these ones from Ella Kristine.

Biologique Recherche Cryo Sticks

Ella Kristine Cryo Sticks

Made out of cooling stainless steel, cryo sticks are designed to lower the skin’s temperature immediately, taking redness and irritation away as they work. If you’ve got rosacea they’ll be a godsend, but they offer more benefits besides cooling and calming ones, too.

Basically, the cold sensation causes a ‘goose bump’ phenomenon for your face, which stimulates the skin’s nerve cells and delivers an almost-instant tightening effect that'll firm up the contours of your face (yes, like those cheekbones you've been looking to revive).

And hey, they feel pretty damn delightful, as well. So delightful in fact that even Culpo’s father got in on the action...


“These are cryotherapy. Don’t they feel good?” she asked him as he gave the wands a whirl for himself. Even the patriarch of a genetic goldmine like the Culpo fam can appreciate a good tightening tool, after all.

Main image credit: @oliviaculpo

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