I tried the lotion every skin care expert recommends and holy sh*t

Forget everything you know

November 23 2020

What do Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and myself all have in common? Well, sadly, just about nothing, except for the fact we are all fans of this one game-changing skin care product: Biologique Recherche: the P50.

Until recently (and, more recently than I’d like to admit) I was a ‘believe everything you read’ kind of girl. This was right up until those good skin genetics I was obnoxiously convinced I was blessed with decided to pack up and leave as I hit my mid-twenties.

I shortly began to realise that every review swearing a product was ‘magic against congestion’ and going to ‘change my skin forever' was
not to be the case, and products kept failing me over and over again.

Next came having to remortgage my home (dramatic effect, I do not own a home) after all the dosh I’d spent on skin care, and enduring the longest six hours of my life giving up chocolate after reading about the detrimental effects sugar and dairy have on the skin.

But, I gave it one last shot and sold my firstborn (kidding, no kids and I actually lucked out with a PR send) to try the magical exfoliator that every skin care expert, every celebrity, every beauty reviewer that’s ever accessed the internet has been raving about. 


And this is what led me to the best-selling chemical exfoliant from French brand Biologique Recherche: the P50.

The gentle tingling of my skin after applying a saturated cotton pad of this watery, clear ‘lotion’ can only be compared to the sparks and butterflies you feel when you’re falling in love. It was instantly euphoric. 

Waking up the next morning there was no doubt in my mind that my skin was brighter and clearer.

The red cluster of hormonal acne that had been scattered around my chin for the last 10 months had already visibly faded and the dirt in my pores was only slightly visible through one of those offensively magnified double-sided mirrors… And this was after one use. 

After one week, my once aggravated red chin had entirely calmed down, and my fear of any residual acne scarring was out of sight. I quickly understood why Caroline Hirons said this product “sets the bar” for her when it comes to exfoliating acids.

There was no lengthy, time-consuming process of applying an 8-step routine. No waiting around to give each product its adequate absorption time. 

The P50 acts as a toner, exfoliator, hydrator and skin renewer all in one, giving your skin a smooth glow that could only be rivalled by Botox. And thanks to the addition of niacinamide, it’s also an effective acne-fighting, rosacea-reducing and hyperpigmentation-fading weapon. Or, as it’s also often referred to, ‘a facial in a bottle’. 

And for those LOVERS of a vinegar and horseradish scent, all zero of you, the fragrance of your dreams is here. 

But in all seriousness, the icky smell is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of a clear and glass-like complexion, right? 

Unfortunately, you won’t find the new love of my life stocked at your local MECCA or Sephora, which makes tracking down a place to actually buy the product, or even find out the price a little tricky. Ohh the mystery. (FYI Biologique Recherche don’t even sell their own products on their own website). 

But, when there’s a will, there’s a way and to purchase the P50 in Australia, you simply have to go through facialist Melanie Grant’s online store, Skin Care Edit, where you’ll be required to sign in before being revealed a price.

Our estimate is that a bottle will set you back roughly $175, but as you’ve read here, I think it’s pretty worth it. Also be careful trying to nab a ‘bargain’, as Biologque have warned of counterfeit products floating around on eBay.

Main image credit: @skincareedit

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