The best-selling K-Beauty toner that rivals Glossier Solution

And it’s *actually* available in Australia

BeautyCrew Beauty Editor / July 23 2019

Glossier is the ultimate white whale for beauty lovers in Australia. 

We are constantly bombarded with their aesthetically pleasing low-fuss products on social media. We have to listen to our friends who have relocated to the U.S. and the U.K. rave about how much they love the cool-girl brand, and how they promise they’ll send us care packages (lies). Until eventually, we start to numb ourselves to the overwhelming sense of FOMO.

But then Glossier released the Solution and our old wounds were reopened once more.

The exfoliating toner quickly became a sell-out hit and we watched longingly as testimonials of women with glowing skin flooded the Internet, knowing full well that we would never be able to purchase a cute pink bottle for ourselves.

But now we can all give Glossier the proverbial middle finger because Korean beauty brand Some By Mi (which you can buy from Aussie K-Beauty retailers Nudie Glow and Style Story) has released their Miracle Toner, which has become a best-seller in its own right, selling over 1.2 million units worldwide with an effective formula to rival the popularity of the Solution – plus, it retails for less than $35! 

Like Glossier Solution, Some By Mi’s Miracle Toner combines the hardworking exfoliating actions of AHAs, BHAs and PHAs and promises to reveal a brighter, more even-toned complexion in just a few short weeks. Plus, it boasts a paraben, colourant, fragrance and carcinogen-free formula.

As is typical of K-Beauty offerings, Some By Mi’s Miracle Toner makes an emphasis on the inclusion of naturally-derived ingredients such as tea tree to control and balance oil production and soothe inflammation, witch hazel extract to minimise pores and remove dead skin cells, papaya extract to reduce the appearance of blemishes, remove sebum and dead skin cells and soothe skin, lentil seed extract to protect, nourish and strengthen the skin’s immunity, antioxidant-rich swiftlet bird’s nest extract to renew skin cells and tighten skin, and lotus extract to purify, hydrate and soothe skin.

And the before and after photos are impressive. The magic it’s worked on acne-prone skin in just 30 days is second only to the next-level glow it seems to give skin.

Until Glossier decides to *finally* hit Aussie shores, we are more than happy to add this best-selling toner into our skin care rotation instead.

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Main image credit: @melaniegrantskin

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