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Clairol Nice'n Easy Repair is a permanent crème hair colour infused with REPAIRPLEX technology that is gentle on the hair and scalp for a stronger, healthy-looking hair with multidimensional colour results. The REPAIRPLEX technology strengthens and restructures the hair during the colouring process for up to 97 per cent less breakage, while providing a blend of tones and highlights and gray coverage.

Available in 18 shades: SB2 Ultra Light Cool Summer Blonde, SB1 Ultra Light Natural Beach Blonde, 10A Baby Blonde, 9B Light Beige Blonde, 9A Light Ash Blonde, 8A Medium Ash Blonde, 8 Medium Blonde, 7C Dark Cool Blonde, 6R Light Auburn, 6.5 Lightest Brown, 6A Light Ash Brown, 6 Light Brown, 5G Medium Golden Brown, 5 Medium Brown, 4W Dark Mocha Brown, 4 Dark Brown, 3 Brown Black and 2 Black.

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Clairol Nice'n Easy Repair


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04 Dark Brown

I used the colour 04 Dark Brown and found that it coloured all my grey hairs well and that it didn't fade too quickly on the grey hairs which I have experienced with other brands in the past. I absolutely loved the conditioner that it comes with and thought the smell of it was delightful and it left my hair feeling extremely silky and smooth. I just wish they would sell this magical conditioner. Love it. After washing my hair for a few weeks now since I coloured my hair the colour hasn't faded and still looks nice a fresh. I will purchase this again.

Covers grey hairs well

3 Brown Black I picked up this colour when my usual brand was out of stock in my colour and I really liked it. I have to use 2 boxes as I have really thick hair and I have a few grey hairs coming through and this colour covered those really well. The conditioner it comes with smells to die for and left my hair feeling so soft and buttery. The colour didn't fade after a few washes and stayed true to colour for quite a few week before starting to fade a tiny little bit. I would recommend this hair dye to everyone as it worked really well for me and covers grey hairs. It is also available in the supermarket so great to grab while your doing your grocery shop and is quite often on sale too.
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Nice scent, good coverage

I received this as a sample to trial, and to be honest it is probably a brand I would usually pass by when purchasing hair colour BUT I was pleasantly surprised, beginning with the scent of the product which I thought was really mild and kind of nice. Brown black is basically my natural colour so coverage over greys was great, and the natural looking result was perfect. So far the staying power is really good, no fade or brassiness. I also loved the packaging - lots of pink and gold and looking quite swanky! Overall I'm really glad I got to try this out and would look for the product in future.
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Iso hair saver!

What a godsend during our Iso-lockdown!! Banished my iso-roots with gentle ease and actually made my hair feel salon fresh (could kill for a trim and blow wave!) a quick wash with a purple shampoo and I felt that the colour held quite well and the supplied treatment left my hair silky soft.
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Lovely Colour

Nice colour and blended well into my hair. Covered light grey hairs with ease and left a shine in my hair. There was no horrible smell and it was easy to apply.
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darker than expected

easy application and quick to work but colour is supposed to be mid brown and has come out jet black so a bit disjointed as its so dark, Hair is shiny and soft but soooo dark . i followed instructions which were easy -
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Nice product and easy to use

I really enjoyed trying out this product. I used the Medium Blonde, which was quite close to my hair colour but gave my hair a nice boost. It was easy to apply, the smell was not too overpowering and my hair felt nice and soft after application.
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Great coverage even on grey hairs

Great coverage even on greying hair. I used the 8A Medium Ash Blonde shade and although my result wasn't very blonde, it is a light brown shade. I was a yellowing blonde with a few greys prior. Easy to apply and gloves etc provided in the box. Doesn't take long to do and there was plenty of solution to use. I was surprised at how well the colour has taken. A brand you can trust that I've grown up with my mum using.
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Great product but really stains your skin!

Loved this product in that it made my hair shiny, and had a great rich colour. More red in it than I was expecting but its not a bad colour at all. Be careful about getting the dye on your skin - it really really stains! Happy with this product.
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Covers Greys & less Hair Breakages!

I used the Dark Mocha Brown which was perfect given I am unable to go to any salon in Victoria. My greys were thankfully covered with ease of application of this fabulous product. I love that it has the added repair and strengthening function as I was weary of the harm home colouring might do to my hair. My hair felt lucious and I love its beautiful after one application.
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Nice & Easy Color Repair

I was given Light Auburn 6R to try which l liked because it gave me some sift red highlights. It also managed to cover majority of the grey hair l was easy to apply,and instructions were clear to understand. My hair was also left soft and manageable.l would recommend this product to anyone using it for extra highlights of color and for covering greys.
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Nice and Easy

I ove the color and love how my hair feel after using this hair dye and it really is Nice and Easy to use as Well.
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I used the No:3 brown black. This was easy to use and come with all the products you need and detailed instructions included. I must say the first thing I loved about this was that it did not have the strong chemical fragrance that you usually get with hair dyes. Great coverage. I also tried this on my mom as I want to test out the grey coverage . Both of us are very impressed. Definitely recommends .
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Vivid Color Results

I used Dark Mocha Brown and was impressed by how easy it was to use. I usually color my hair at home and I was very happy with the result - a dark, rich vivid brown which was shiny and made my medium-length hair feel quite soft. I would happily recommend this product for all who home-color!
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Good for sensitive scalps

I tried this product in the shade 7C Dark Cool Blonde. It doesn’t have the usual harsh ammonia scent, it has a light floral scent and didn’t trigger an asthma attack as another hair dye has. After my hair dried, I noticed that there was definitely some damage done by the process – my hair was quite rough and tangled, and the ends were very dry. There was also some breakage around the hairline. The final colour came out a lot darker than indicated on the box – my hair is very dark blonde/very light brown with significant grey, but my hair came out very dark brown. It didn’t provide 100% grey coverage, despite leaving the colour on for the maximum 35 minutes (including an extra 10 mins as recommend for resistant greys). I have a very sensitive scalp with psoriasis on it, but this colour did not irritate my scalp at all.
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One happy glossy girl!

As I have sensitive skin, some products can be too harsh on my skin, but this.. from first application, I don’t get that `stinging‘ and hot sensations. Easy step by step instructions. At the end of the process, my hair is soft and glossy. No more itchy scalp and grey head. So glad that I’ve tried this and definitely gonna use it again! The only thing is that I still have some hair breakage, but maybe because this is my first time using it??
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Great Colour

I used 4W Dark Mocha Brown for this trial and was very impressed. My hair is quite short on the sides and back, longer on top, therefore I have to work the colour in really well for grey hairs to be completely covered on the short areas. The coverage was great all over and I'm loving the Dark Mocha Brown colour. The highlights are noticeable and my hair is nice and shiny. I would definitely recommend this product to others and will be using it again myself.
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Goodbye grey, Hello highlights

Was really looking forward to trying this as I had home dyed my hair and it needed doing again. I have a few (ok, more than a few greys) so Im always looking to cover those as well. This product ticked all the boxes - I loved the Ash blonde and not having to tone after to remove that brassy look was great, coverage of grey was 100% and highlights were really noticable once dried and straightened. While there was that distinct odur from home dyes, it was way more pleasant and didn't bother me at all and I did smell the floral scent as suggested on the packaging. The recommended time was spot on and it was so easy to remove any excess from around the hairline too. My hair was so smooth and looks as good as if I went to my regular salon (shh dont tell). I was really impressed and would/will definiately use this product again
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I love the colour

I was very excited to change the colour of my hair. First time to use dark mocha and i love the colour. Clairol Nice'n Easy Repair, did a really great job. My hair wasn't dry after i apply, it's smooth and silky surprisingly. Because everytime i colour my hair i expect that my hair is dry. But this time it wasn't and i'm very happy with the result. It's easy to apply and the smell is not strong. I love the smell of the conditioner and it helps my hair smooth and silky. I will try different colour next time. I definitely recommend this product.
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Great product

Thanks for the opportunity to be able to try this product. It is what it says it is - nice n easy! Very easy to apply, and my hair was surprisingly soft after the application. I will definitely use it next time.