Kendall Jenner’s MUA wants you to skip *this* popular makeup step

Time to unlearn a habit

Beauty Editor / August 29 2023

Mary Phillips is to Kendall Jenner what Ariel Tejada is to Kylie and Mario is to Kim. Which is what exactly? A glam godsend. The celebrity makeup artist has put a face to the Instagram tag that once floated mysteriously on all of Hailey Bieber's best beauty looks and became someone worth a follow in her own right. You've likely heard of reverse contouring, the viral makeup application technique that took over our 'for you' page and makeup routine for most of 2022.

And now? She's shaking up another standard makeup practice and instructing us to ditch this popular step in our routine: setting powder.


What does Mary Phillips think about setting powder?

In short, it's a non-essential. In fact, according to Phillips you might just be better off skipping this step entirely. However, her alternative requires a little more time, organisation and handbag real estate.

As an alternative to the ol' set and forget in the morning, "you need to take a couple of minutes to touch up your makeup throughout the day," she told Marie Claire UK. Not only does this method guarantee a fresh glam, it will also reduce the chance of your cream products like foundation, concealer or a cream blush splitting from the powder.



What she didn't rule out however, was a setting spray. So, if the idea of applying your makeup without the safeguard of anything to hold it in place worries you, fear not. You can still give your complexion a light spritz and receive the Phillips tick of approval. 

Our favourites? The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray ($49 at Charlotte Tilbury) and MILK MAKEUP's Hydro Grip Makeup Setting Spray ($59 at Sephora)

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