Lara Worthington’s facialist reveals the secrets to her flawless complexion

You'll want to take notes

November 16 2020

Skin specialist Melanie Grant tends to the flawless complexions of some of Australia’s biggest name celebrity exports.

Affectionately dubbed the “skin whisperer” in beauty editor circles, she’s responsible for the poreless, Instagram-worthy skin of stars including Jessica Gomes and Phoebe Tonkin, who regularly share makeup-free selfies following their appointments with Grant.

So when the skin specialist shared the skin care regime used every day by Aussie beauty Lara Worthington, we took note.

Lara Worthington's skin care routine

According to Grant, Worthington is one of those natural beauties that doesn’t need to do much to look amazing (we believe it) – but she does have a strict skin care routine.

So what exactly does she use? In a new interview with Grant, Worthington says her morning routine consists of a carefully curated selection of products.

“For the moment I use, CosMedix Purity Clean CleanserActinica Liposomal SPF50+The Base LB Cream in Caramel and for the body I use Kiehls Crème de Corps and Aesop Geranium Leaf is my favourite body wash,” she tells Grant.

Worthington, who’s a mum to sons Rocket and Racer, says she noticed pigmentation popping up during her pregnancy, so she’s now started using products that specifically address her concerns.

“When I was pregnant I got a lot of pigmentation so I have just started to use SkinMedica Lytera Skin Brightening Complex every night,” she explains. “I also sleep in Cosmedix Rescue Balm on my face and Results RX Eye Dr eye cream.”



Worthington also credits Grant with keeping her skin in tip-top shape, explaining that she makes weekly visits to her salon whenever she’s in Sydney.

When she’s back in New York with husband Sam and their two boys though, she partakes in an unusual activity to boost her complexion, citing relaxation as the key to good skin.

“I miss Mel when I'm away, she has taught me so much about skin,” says Worthington. “I also love Bath houses — Russian or Turkish — any bath house always equalises me.”

Worthingon is apparently also a big believer in taking supplements for great skin, listing magnesium and Vitamin D as her two go-to’s for a quick pick-me-up.

“More than anything, I believe that beauty comes from the inside,” she explains. “I’m very diligent about supplements. I even have a travel kit that stays by my side. It includes Omega-3s, Biotin and BioSil for skin and hair. I also take vitamin D, which I think is super important if you can’t get 15-20 minutes a day in the sun. At night I take magnesium which is also really great for the skin.”As for the best beauty tip she’s ever gotten? “Wear sunscreen every day,” she says. Spoken like a true Aussie.