The exact steps to copy Lauren Conrad's waves

Her hairstylist shares her tips

Beauty Crew Contributor / January 10 2017

Just like her trademark cat eye, Lauren Conrad is also famously known for her gorgeous loose waves. They’re the perfect mix of old-Hollywood meets effortless boho, and we’ve often wondered how the former Hills star always achieves such a flawless style.

So we couldn’t be happier when her long-time hairstylist Kristen Ess took to her Instagram to reveal exactly how she creates the blonde’s Pinterest- worthy statement waves.


Prep your wet hair

To ensure your hair has the nourishment it needs, Ess suggests the followig: "Spray a pH-balancing leave-in conditioner on wet hair to close the cuticle (this is my trick for extra shine from the inside out).” Then, “Apply thickening spray all over wet hair and brush through for even distribution.”




Blow-dry down

To get the silky smooth shine, Ess says, “Blow-dry with the nozzle on and the dryer pointed to the ground to push the cuticle downward. Use cold air at the end once it's dry.”


Create your curls

“Set every curl going toward the face using a 1-inch or 1 1/4-inch barrel iron. Set them all the same, going in the same direction!,” says Ess. If you want to create tighter curls, use a wand with a smaller barrel, and if you want really loose waves, use a wand with a larger barrel. 


Spray for hold

“Spray all over using a light, shine enhancing brushable hairspray and let it set while you do makeup.” Leaving your curls to cool down before trying to style further will keep the bends you've created. If you want to go the extra mile to set your curls, clip them up as they cool down (almost so it looks like you're wearing hot rollers).



Brush out the curls

“Using a soft brush, brush from root to ends over and over and over and OVER. I just keep brushing until I see the pattern develop. Sometimes that takes two minutes and sometimes it takes 20 minutes. All the sudden the pattern appears like magic”



Spray again

“Finish with another veil of that same light, brushable hairspray. I don't apply texture sprays, pomades or dry shampoos to my soft waves as they tend to mattify.”

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