Is Lili Reinhart releasing skin care?

Call us the beauty industry’s Inspector Gadget

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 06 2023

Lili Reinhart has always been incredibly vocal about the fact that her skin isn’t perfect. 

The Riverdale star has dealt with cystic acne most of her teen and adult life, and as a result she’s developed a special interest in skin care and cultivating a healthy body image

She frequently shares her skin care routine and beauty tips (specifically, helpful hacks for healing acne) via her social media channels. 

However, more recently Reinhart interrupted her usual selfie schedule of pimple-clearing clay masks and facial treatments on Instagram to debut a fresh face free from makeup, glowing in the golden hour sun. 

In the caption, she wrote: 

“Since I was 12, I’ve struggled with acne,” Reinhart shared. “My skin has suffered consistent breakouts, hyperpigmentation, redness and scarring.” 

“I feel impassioned and motivated to find solutions for not only myself, but others who struggle as well,” she continued.

“[But] this is my skin now, makeup free… no filter, [and] I can’t wait to share more about what I’ve been working on,” she said. 

Based on her closing statement, fans have surmised that the actress is planning to release her own line of skin care that will no doubt address the concerns of acne-prone skin. 

“Let me guess you're making a skin care brand,” one commenter deduced, to which one of Reinhart’s loyal followers responded:  “And if she is we will f***ing buy it.” 

Lili Reinhart isn’t the only unlikely celebrity stepping into the beauty space. TikToker Anna Paul just launched her own skin care brand called Paullie. 

Image credit: @lilireinhart

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