Lily Aldridge uses a belly mask on her baby bump

Yes, this is a thing

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 29 2018

Calling all mums-to-be! There is such a thing as pregnant belly-sized sheet masks for nourishing your growing baby bump. And we guarantee, you’re going to want to try one after you read this!

In a recent tutorial for Vogue US, model Lily Aldridge gave us all the lowdown on her entire glowy pregnancy beauty routine, rattling off her favourite natural beauty products she can’t get enough of right now.

It was during said tutorial that the mother of one, who is eight months pregnant with her second child, proved that your skin care routine actually ends at your belly - not your neck! At least when you’re pregnant, that is.

“When you’re pregnant, you need to take care of that belly ‘cause it’s growing, so I also have a special treat for you guys,” Lily says. “You get to see my gorgeous belly mask sheet mask.”

Yep – a sheet mask for your baby bump! Created by Hatch Mama, the hydrating Belly Mask is soaked with a powerhouse of healing ingredients such as aloe vera and propolis, as well as hydrolysed marine collagen. It promises to help minimise stretch marks during pregnancy and help soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum.

“So, as you see, it’s a little bit bigger than a face mask, because it’s gotta fit this eight-month pregnant belly,” says Lily. And yes, it’s even got a little hole for your belly button. We’re already obsessed. 

“It’s supposed to help with stretch marks which is always great,” Lily explains, “But the fact is, I got stretch marks from my last pregnancy [and] I’ll probably [still] get them from this one. And that’s beautiful and it’s part of the journey!”

Even if stretch marks might be inevitable, we think it’s still a *super* cute idea (it has little sleeping eyes on it!) and it’s both hydrating and nourishing, which is everything you want in a sheet mask. Plus, it has Instagram opportunities written ALL over it!

After letting her belly mask “marinade”, Lily removes the sheet and goes on to apply a hydrating body cream. “The body cream that I love right now is by Kate McLeod and it’s a beautiful little stone and it’s basically cocoa butter,” she explains.

“You’re supposed to put it everywhere that’s growing, which is literally everywhere right now,” she says as she shows where she applies it – which is indeed everywhere.

Sad news is, Hatch Mama’s Belly Mask isn’t currently available in Australia, so mums-to-be might have to resort to slathering on hydrating face masks for the time being! Just make sure you check the ingredients – natural is best!

On the bright side, Lily also dished out a heap of good all-natural skin care and makeup tips that are available in Australia, so if you want to see the full tutorial, check it out below!

If you’re looking for some more tips on getting rid of stretch marks, we reviewed the best stretch mark treatments for pregnancy here.

What do you think of the baby bump sheet mask? Let us know in the comment section below.

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