The products pregnant Sofia Richie has been using to prevent stretch marks and hormonal acne

Her struggles and her strategies, revealed

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 29 2024

Every pregnancy is different, and although celebs have access to the best products, experts and treatments on the market, that doesn't make them immune to the realities of pregnancy; something Sofia Richie Grainge has found out first hand.

The 25 year old is currently seven months pregnant with her first child with husband Elliot Grainge, and the mum-to-be has been sharing her experience online and in interviews.

"I am seven months pregnant, and I've been figuring out the things that work for me," she said in a recent TikTok video.

The newly appointed SkinCeuticals global ambassador has been navigating her way through hormonal acne and stretch marks with the help of her doctor and dermatologist, and her husband Elliot Grainge has even ordered his own pregnancy pillow in support.

"Elliot was like this looks so great, will you order me one?" she shared via TikTok. "We [both] joke, 'my back hurts.' So we're just pregnancy-ing together."

As for the exact products she's been using to combat stretch marks and hormonal acne? Keep scrolling to peep her list of pregnancy beauty essentials...


My must have pregnancy essentials 🍼

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She washes her face 3 times a day to combat hormonal acne

Since becoming pregnant Richie Grainge has experienced hormonal acne, which is a pregnancy symptom she wasn't expecting to have to deal with.

"I haven’t experienced hormonal acne since high school," she told Vogue. "It’s probably the number one thing that has really drastically changed in my life—having to deal with bumps and oil production."

To combat her newfound skin woes, she's been relying on products that her dermatologist initially recommended to her, which has since resulted in a global ambassador partnership with the brand SkinCeuticals.

"My dermatologist [gave me] the Simply Clean Cleanser by SkinCeuticals ($79 from Adore Beauty)," she shared. "I’ve really had to go back to the drawing board. My skin’s become super oily, yet flaky at the same time, so I’ve really had to figure out a balance that worked for my skin. I wash my face now three times a day. I used to do just morning and nights."

"As a skin care-enthusiast, SkinCeuticals was first recommended by my dermatologist. After learning more about it, collaborating with the brand came naturally," Richie Grainge said in a statement released by the brand.

"I have always had a deep passion for skincare and finding the perfect set of products that are not only effective, but also complement my day-to-day routine," she continued. "Through this partnership and Dr. Mamina’s consultation, I was able to learn more in depth about SkinCeuticals integrated skin care approach and find the perfect routine that I am so excited to share."


She's committed to her anti-stretch mark body care routine

In a recent TikTok video, Richie Grainge shared that she's "afraid of getting stretch marks", so much so that she's burning through tubs and tubs of the body lotion her doctor recommended to her. 

"I know it comes with the territory but I'm doing everything I can to prevent [them]," she said in the video. "When I first found out I was pregnant, [my doctor] was like, 'I have this shea butter that people love', [and] I've gone through like six tubs and ordered them."

The 25 year old likes to combine the lotion her doctor recommended  Bumpology's Bump Butter ($46 from Bumpology) — with Hatch Belly Oil ($80 from The Memo) to keep her skin moisturised and stretch mark-free.

"I literally put it right above my boobs to the bottom of my butt," she explained. "So far, knock on wood, not one stretch mark."

A thorough pregnancy beauty routine isn't the only thing she's into. It seems Sofia Richie Grainge likes concealer lips?

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