These three makeup products *made* Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Mean Girls’ premiere look

You go Glen Coco…

Content Producer / January 11 2024

We may be less than two weeks into it, but 2024 has truly kicked off with a bang. Between the awards shows and premieres, we’ve been keeping a close eye on all the emerging beauty trends.

But like always, what was once in style will come back again. And what beauty look is it this time round? A subtle nod towards soft-grunge. With Saltburn likely to thank for it, ‘soft-grunge makeup’ is taking TikTok by storm with a whopping 21 million views. We’re expecting to see a lot more 2000s inspired smokey eyes and nude lips, and who better to kick the trend off on a red carpet than our OG Cady Heron (i.e Lindsay Lohan)?

Even though “she doesn’t even go here” (in 2023’s musical-reboot-style revival), Li-Lo was the only original ‘plastic’ to make a supportive comeback (that’s so Cady of her) for the premiere of the new Mean Girls film. Lohan looked “like really pretty” and we bet she would agree (as she should, sorry Regina!), so of course, we knew we needed to find out exactly what was used to create her look. 

We’re not sure about you, but Regina George gives us major gatekeeper vibes. Thankfully for us the ultra-talented, makeup artist to the stars Kristofer Buckle is much more accommodating than ‘The Plastics’, giving us an inside scoop into the three ‘soft-grunge’ inspired products that had Lohan looking ‘fetch’ on the red carpet. 

The products

As any fair or redheaded beauty lover knows, finding a brow pencil that suits your colouring can be unbelievably difficult. Thankfully Buckle pointed us in the direction of the brow pencil he uses on Lohan herself. The How To Be A Redhead Finally Have Brows® - Ultra Fine Redhead Pencil ($46 at How To Be A Redhead) defines her arches and creates the perfect frame for the super smoked out eyeshadow look. Is there a more iconic eyeshadow than a hyperpigmented, longwearing M.A.C eyeshadow? We think not. So we were pleased to see Buckle had applied M.A.C Eye Shadow in ‘Carbon’ ($33 at M.A.C Cosmetics) across Lohan’s sultry-looking lids. 

And the look wouldn’t have been complete without a lick of lipstick. Opting for a neutral-yet-enhancing shade of nude, Buckle applied the Charlotte Tilbury Look Of Love Lipstick in ‘Wedding Belles’ ($58 at Charlotte Tilbury). 

The look is totally grool (IYKYK), and it's left us rummaging through our eyeshadow palettes wondering if we can get away with wearing a smokey eye look to the office…

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