Reneé Rapp rocked a messy shag at the “Mean Girls” premiere

Here’s how it was done…

Content Producer / January 11 2024

Renée Rapp has made quite the impression as Regina George (that collab with Megan Thee Stallion?!) in the highly anticipated musical remake of the iconic Mean Girls. Stepping into a role that has been etched into pop culture, Rapp brings a fresh perspective on the character while paying homage to the character's legendary status.

As the film approaches its international release, all eyes were on Rapp at the red carpet premiere. And, of course, she did not disappoint.

True to her character's flair for fashion, Rapp made a stunning entrance. Her choice of outfit for the premiere was a breathtaking ensemble that perfectly encapsulated her character's boldness and her personal edginess.

Contrary to her character’s hyper feminine style, however, the 24-year-old singer/actress repped her signature sultry look in the ultimate lived-in shag hairstyle.

Forgoing Miss Regina George’s long, curled locks for something with a little more kick, her perfectly undone locks complemented a sexy smoky eye and her structural pink and black corset dress.

Proving that the layered ‘70s style cut is going nowhere in 2024, Rapp’s stylist Dana Boyer delivered on volume with a section-by-section approach to styling.

Crediting the Nexxus Mousse + Volumising Foam on Instagram (while this product isn’t available in Australia, we recommend the Nak Volume Foam, $19.95 at Oz Hair & Beauty) Boyer parted each section and worked into the roots of Rapp’s dry hair to deliver the bombshell volume required for the look. 

Image credit: @danawillcutyou

As revealed to Byrdie, she then used a curling iron to create natural-looking bends in the hair, following up with a bit of teasing and root-lifting dry shampoo.

Armed with a cool-girl swag, gorgeously sculpted hair (just look at those curtain bangs) and a dress that would have IRL Regina George in hysterics, Miss Rapp is sooo ready to introduce us to the next gen of Plastics.

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