Reneé Rapp's lip product lineup proves she has superb taste

Her onscreen-counterpart (to be), Regina George, would be so proud

Digital Beauty Editor / April 06 2023

Confession time: we’re Reneé Rapp fans and beauty lovers second. And that’s really saying something considering our raging beauty obsessions.

But we can’t help it! Rapp is one of our very favourite people to follow on Instagram/TikTok/Spotify, and we’ve been scream-singing “In The Kitchen” on a loop since it dropped. We don't hit the high notes, but the emotion is there, okay?

So when Rapp shares a beauty breakdown, it’s basically everything we love in one hit. And that’s exactly what we were treated to when the star of the upcoming Mean Girls: The Musical film posted a snap of her fave lip colour buys…

Reneé Rapp's favourite lip products

There's good and bad news. First, the bad: Rapp's Instagram Story didn't drop any names (and covered up any recognisable features of a few of the products). But the good news is that there are certain products we'd recognise anywhere. And so we can confirm the identity of three of her faves. And they just so happen to make up the perfect daily colour combo...


Let’s start with liner, because, well, most people literally start with liner. Rapp favours a richly-pigmented hazelnut brown colour, with a formula that boasts a creamy-matte finish that’ll glide on like silk. What is this magical formula, you ask? The Tower 28 OneLiner Multi-Liner in ‘Draw Me’ ($24.67 at Revolve), of course. Its ‘under $25’ status is definitely a bonus, too.

One swipe through Rapp’s socials and it’s clear she enjoys a bit of shine on her lips. So it makes sense that she carries the Stila Plumping Lip Glaze ($40 at MECCA) with her – it adds fullness and ‘frostiness’ to your pout sans dreaded stickiness. It’s also brimming with skin-softening vitamin E and happens to smell like fresh mint. Yes, mint! Quite fitting for her role as Regina George, considering Aaron Samuels himself says he loves when her face smells like peppermint. Rapp is basically going method with her makeup. Chic.

We’re all for lip layering, and it seems so is Rapp. Call it a coincidence or say it’s because the Mean Girls: The Musical set demands it, but apparently on Wednesday (and um, potentially every other day) Rapp also wears pink (lip oil). The Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil in ‘Raspberry’ ($62 at Dior) is clearly a mainstay in her routine. And we don’t blame her – it offers care, colour, and shine all in one streamlined (and stunning) swipe. As Rapp would say (or encourage her grandma to say without context): slay.

Tower 28 OneLiner Multi-Liner in ‘Draw Me’

Stila Plumping Lip Glaze

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil in ‘Raspberry’

The best way to fact-check whether the aforementioned combo is one of Rapp's actual faves? By checking her feed, of course. Her glam looks certainly look like the work of brown lip liner, shimmery lip glaze, and raspberry lip oil to us!


We're happy with this power trio for now, but honestly, we'll never truly be satisfied until Rapp confirms the identities of all of the pictured products. We're manifesting the full reveal one day soon...

Main image credit: @reneerapp

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