The 4 products Lucy Boynton uses to keep her blonde in perfect shape

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Digital Beauty Editor / November 26 2020

You’d be forgiven for generally only noticing Lucy Boynton’s makeup when assessing one of her many incredible beauty looks – with creative extraordinaire Jo Baker on her side, they’re always out of this world. However, you might have been glossing over something else that also falls into the ‘phenomenal’ category – her hair.

The perfect colour-cross between icy platinum and creamy vanilla, Boynton’s hair is both bright blonde and legitimately healthy-looking; not an easy accomplishment.

So, how does she do it? Well, we've got all the answers... Here's what you need in your repertoire for Boynton-worthy levels of shine and silkiness (even when bleach is involved)...




Lucy Boynton's favourite shampoo & conditioner

We love a supermarket steal as much as the next person, but sometimes you do need to splash a little cash on your in-shower combo to guarantee glossy hair. Boynton's favourite duo? This Recovery range from hair brand Virtue. "I love Virtue’s shampoo and conditioner," she recently told Refinery29.

The regenerating formulas are loaded with quinoa, baobob seed oil and Alpha Keratin, a protein derived from human hair that helps to add lost hydration and strength back into strands. And hey, they also smell like citrus. Bonus alert.

Virtue Recovery Shampoo

Virtue Recovery Conditioner

Lucy Boynton's favourite hair treatments

Boynton doesn't rely solely on her shampoo and conditioner, though – she turns to two specific treatments to seal up any dreaded damage and fine-tune the colour.

"Olaplex No.3 treatment is a must, and I leave it on as long as I can," she revealed re: her favourite repairing product. If you're not already aboard the Olaplex bandwagon, it's basically a frizz-reducing, bond-restoring intensive treatment that will work wonders on over-processed hair (AKA anything that's come into contact with highlights or heat tools).

When it comes to colour care between salon sessions, Boynton keeps a Christophe Robin toning treatment on hand to banish brassiness. "Christophe Robin's blue hair mask is another must to take the warm tones out of my blonde. It also leaves your hair so silky," she explained of its benefits. We'll take ten.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Home Treatment

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Baby Blonde

Main image credit: @missjobaker

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