Madison Beer opens up about her struggle with acne

Unfiltered thoughts on unfiltered skin

Content Producer / October 16 2023

Being in the spotlight can be challenging. With fame comes scrutiny, and the pressure to maintain a flawless appearance can take a toll on one's mental and emotional wellbeing. Growing up in the public eye due to her burgeoning music career, Madison Beer, like many others, has struggled with this pressure.

Garnering significant internet attention based on her appearance, it’s understandable that the ‘Sweet Relief’ singer feels the gravity of people’s expectations.

She first spoke out about this in 2021, where she shared insight into her own struggle with appearance.

"I hate the culture we've created that makes girls think they have to compare themselves to one another… that someone else's beauty takes away from your own,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

She also shared a candid photo of her unfiltered skin, writing: "I promise you 99 per cent of my time is spent at home in sweats, no makeup, looking nothing like my recent images. I wish this was common sense.”

In 2023, she continues to hold the same sentiments, taking to TikTok to share an update on her acne journey. Revealing that she, too, battles with the common skin condition, she spoke to her followers on livestream, clueing them in to the own internal challenges she faces with her skin

Turning the beauty filter off, she showed her audience a close-up of her skin. If anything, she was relatable to a T, speaking on the current state of her skin and how she feels about it

“[My skin is] a lot better, it's a lot better. It's less red, all the pimples are like not raised anymore so with makeup I will easily be able to cover all of this up,” she said, turning her face to the camera to show followers her unfiltered skin.

“On this side, I have a pimple patch on these two. [Another pimple] I popped before bed, so that's why it's red, but like it's not too horrible right now. The forehead… stuff is still happening but it's getting better again,” Beer explained.

It’s not every day that celebs hold their skin texture up to a microscope and share it with their audience but, undoubtedly, those with similar struggles can appreciate it.

“It just isn't fun when your skin is breaking out and I haven't had a real proper breakout like this in years.”

“Anyone out there who's watching this who’s also struggling with acne… It's human and it's fine, and I'm showing you this to show you that like literally everyone gets f****** pimples.”

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