MAFS Jessika Power opens up about dealing with insecurities

MAFS Jessika Power Reveals How She Deals With Her Body Image Issues

She hasn’t held back

Beauty Crew Junior Beauty Writer / May 28 2019

Starring in a reality TV series is no easy gig. Unlike an actor depicting a character in a fictional scenario, reality TV stars appear as themselves. As such, their personal triumphs, challenges, struggles and most embarrassing moments are broadcast publicly for the whole nation to see.

Jessika Power became one of Married At First Sight’s most controversial stars of all time after engaging in a romantic affair with fellow contestant Dan Webb during the 2019 season. Following the show’s finale, she’s continued to cop plenty of negative comments on her social media from Internet trolls.

But Jessika also has an adoring fan base and today invited her Instagram followers to send her questions, which she then answered in her Stories. The reality TV star has opened up about everything from her break-up with Dan to dealing with body image and confidence issues.

Here are Jessika’s words of wisdom…

On her biggest challenge since coming off MAFS:

“My biggest challenge was dealing with the backlash and the trolls, but also the darkest I’ve felt the whole time throughout my time off MAFS was my break-up with Dan. That was really, really rough and everyone weighing in on it was worse.”

On dealing with her break-up with Dan:

“It was honestly really, really hard to get over Dan. It was a really rough time. I was blindsided by our break-up and upset by the lies that were told about our break-up. But I’m moving forward and surrounding myself with family and friends.”

On dealing with negative comments online:

“I’ve actually blocked a hell of a lot of people in the last two months. I think I’ve blocked close to 2000 people. So seeing only love at the moment but there is a few yucky comments… but I mean, you’re never going to win with you guys sometimes.”

On dealing with negativity from the public in person:

“When Dan and I first broke up, I used to get so scared walking around in public because I always had him there and not having him there I was super scared because I do get a lot of trolls, nasty comments and threats, but I feel okay now.”

On staying positive:

“I honestly just don’t read into any of the negativity. I try to keep everything neutral and I just don’t read comments. You’ve got one life, live it. Why sit there being upset about what other people think of you?”

“Always smile. My biggest saying in life is ‘just think of the worst day of your entire life where you were the lowest and you just thought you’re not going to get through that day. Well you got through that day and today’s another day.’ So I always just think like that, I’m gonna get through it!”

On mental health:

“Surround yourself with your family and friends. That’s what I had to do coming off MAFS and copping the backlash. My family and friends really helped my mental health. Go and speak to someone, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Everybody’s mental health is important.”

On dealing with self-image and confidence issues:

“I feel like everyone has some sort of confidence issues, I am really, really bubbly and confident but I struggle every day with something. Some days I wake up and go ‘I hate my lips’, sometimes I wake and go ‘I’m fat’, sometimes I wake up and go ‘what is going on with everything?’ but I don’t let my insecurities define me as a person. I push forward and I give myself a lot of self-love and you guys give me a lot of self-love as well. I think I’m so confident because of you guys and what I’ve been through in my life.”

“Being in the modelling industry, I see a lot of young girls trying to achieve this body image that isn’t achievable. It’s filters and you know, the right angle, and I really want to be a voice for young girls. Just know that no matter how you look, you’re perfect and you’re beautiful.”

“Every woman has stretch marks, every woman has cellulite. You are normal, it is normal. For your stretch marks, Bio Oil, but if it doesn’t go away [shrugs]. I’ve got stretch marks on my hips and my boobs and I’ve got cellulite on my ass.”

The advice Jessika would give her 18-year-old self:

“Stop being so scared, stop saying yes to everybody, and just look after yourself a bit more. Look after your mental health a little bit more.”

And if you’re a bit of a MAFS fan yourself and keen to sign up for the show, Jessika has some advice on that, too:

“Be yourself and let your personality shine through. Go in with no expectations.”

Good on you Jessika for keeping it real. It’s so refreshing when celebs speak candidly about their trials and tribulations.

This isn’t the first time Jessika Power has taken to Instagram to reveal information about herself. If you’re interested in hearing about the cosmetic procedures she’s had done, check out our story here.

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