The only makeup trend that Jennifer Aniston swears by

The Only Make-Up Trend That Jennifer Aniston Swears By

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Marie Claire marie claire Beauty Director / June 18 2019

When it comes to make-up application, there is a definite shift in the air. Heavy contouring and powder baking are making way for a cleaner, more natural aesthetic, where skin and nails shine through. 

If you’re seeking luminous, natural make-up, look no further than Gucci Westman. The celebrity make-up artist has long been on the speed-dial of photographers and stars such as Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow (and “my girl” Jennifer Aniston), who prefer real-looking skin rather than airbrushed perfection. 

After 20 years in the industry, the development of an expertly curated line of clean make-up seemed the natural progression for the make-up artist. Based on good-for-skin formulations dosed with plant-based actives and high-tech wizardry where necessary, Westman Atelier is crafted to create your best complexion – both now and into the future.

“When I started to research what was missing in the market, I felt there was a real gap between luxury and natural products,” Westman tells marie claire.

“There are very few luxury make-up brands that speak to [health] conscious ingredients, so I decided early on that I needed to combine nature and science. I also wanted to remove from my make-up bag some of the scary, toxic ingredients that I don’t agree with.” 

A sufferer of skin sensitivities herself, Westman created formulations that target inflammation and redness.

“I have rosacea and I wanted the make-up to work really beautifully for people with sensitive skin, with eczema and all these kinds of skin frustrations.”

There are high levels of skin-boosting ingredients such as camellia oil, which protects skin against pollution, and none of the products contain silicone, which Westman says was no easy task in a foundation.

“We’re as clean as we can be without sacrificing certain [textures],” she explains. 

Westman Atelier is designed to be a little bit of effortless, everyday luxury. “The line is like street-style make-up,” explains Westman. “Most girls want to look like their skin is really good and that they didn’t put too much effort into it. I know a lot of girls, especially those who are older now, and they are tending to wear less make-up.”

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Sticks

Three shades to flawless

Contouring is so last year. The new route to a natural finish is by working with two or three shades of foundation.

“Apply the lighter tone towards the front of the face and the darker shade close to the hairline,” says Westman, who recommends buffing the product into the skin with a brush. “It makes skin look more refined. I have always invested in nice make-up brushes, even as a young make-up artist when I had no money.”

Westman Atelier Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

Nail the look

We asked make-up artist and Nude by Nature ambassador Max May to share his tips on how to create a barely there look.

#1 / To contour or not to contour...
We are moving away from a sharp highlight and contour,” says May. “Women have become more knowledgeable on how to highlight and contour to create more of a natural look.”

#2 / Perfect match
“Achieving ‘no-make-up’ make-up comes down to the products you use and choosing colours that match your natural skin tone,” he explains.

#3 / Application is key
“You can mix it up,” adds May. “A sponge will help to build coverage, brushes will help blend and fingers are the final touch to blending everything together smoothly.”

Nude by Nature Flawless Concealer

#4 / Working with colour
“Work with the natural colours of your skin,” May advises. “I would suggest using a deeper shade on your lip and cheek that reflects your natural tones. For a bit of pop, try using a matt or metallic version in the same natural tone.”

Natio Lip Colour

#5 / Making it night appropriate
“Play with smoky colours around the eyes,” suggests May. “Mixing some nice neutral browns really accentuates the eyes. Or it could be as simple as applying a few false lashes.”

What are your favourite products for creating barely there makeup looks? Let us know in the comments.

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