What comes first: eyeshadow or foundation?

The right order to apply your makeup

The pros and cons of your makeup order

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 16 2018

When it comes to makeup, which product goes on when is a niggling question that can literally divide a room full of beauty addicts. Especially when it comes to the age-old debate, should you apply eyeshadow or foundation first?

So when Reddits Makeup Addiction subreddit decided to talk the pros and cons of both techniques, we were all ears/eyes.

A Redditor who goes by the name of Harley_Quinn_Lawton wrote, “What are the pros and cons of doing your eyes before or after doing you foundation? I usually do my eyes last, but some[one] told me that was the wrong technique??? What do you all use?” 

*Cue all of the opinions*

Reddit user GothThick wrote, “Doing the eyes first is ‘safer’, I suppose. That way if you have any fallout from eyeshadow, smudging from liner/mascara, or in general mess something up, you can just wipe it away and not worry about it. If you have your face done beforehand, then you have more of a problem. 

A HEAP of fellow Redditors agreed, saying this technique ensures your eyeshadow doesn’t end up smeared/sprinkled/sparkled all over your seamless base. Reddit user lulubelle12 says, “Eyes first. It helps cleanup from any fallout, and prevents creasing when you move your face around.”

“I used to do my foundation then eyes, but the fallout was annoying me, so I switched. Also, that way my sunscreen gets time to dry while I'm doing my eye makeup”, added StallarWatermelon.

However, opting for eye makeup before foundation doesn’t come without cons. Some Redditors said that slotting foundation application in after eyeshadow can sometimes mess with their eye look, “The cons are when my hands go wild and I accidentally bounce some foundation on the outer edge of my blend. The other con is sometimes my under eye shadow can look detached from my eye makeup.”

Although the general consensus was for eyeshadow before foundation, there were a few dark horses who stood by base before eyes, saying it gives a more natural look.

Klueless16 wrote, I like to do my face first because I tend to be sloppy with foundation and I always mess up my brows/shadow when I try to put on foundation after my eyes are done. I just put setting powder under my eyes and bake while I do my eyeshadow because it catches the fallout. I also tap the sh*t out of my brushes before applying eyeshadow to avoid heavy fallout.”

Truth is, there is no right or wrong way and it all really comes down to your personal preference. But whatever you do, just make sure priming is your very first move!

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What does your makeup order look like? Do you do your eye makeup or foundation first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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