Mandy Moore uses this controversial technique to keep her brows on point

Her secret to the most enviable of arches

BeautyCrew Beauty Editor / April 24 2019

Microblading has been getting a bad rap lately, with people taking to the Internet to share their personal horror stories at the hand of bad brow technicians. But when it’s done right, the results can completely overhaul thin or overplucked brows. And we all know that Mandy Moore is no stranger to overplucked brows. So unsurprisingly, she’s given microblading a go – and took to Instagram to share how microblading SHOULD be done, showing off a stunning selfie post, which she captioned: “New brows, new lease on life.”

Mandy has been microblading her brows for the past couple of years, but you’d have to look very hard to be able to distinguish that she’s had any kind of brow enhancement treatment. Mandy’s secret to creating the most natural brows we’ve ever seen is a technique called microfeathering, a term that was coined by celebrity brow artist Kristie Streicher.

So, how does this whole microfeathering technique work? Streicher creates the feathered look by creating tiny incisions in the brow with a very defined blade that helps to mimic the shape and movement of natural brow hairs. Pigment is then deposited onto each hair follicle to give the brows their colour.

Streicher documented part of the touch-up process on her Instagram during one of Mandy’s sessions. She captioned the image: “Added a few back-up support strokes to these already perfect feathered brows”. The close-up shot showcases the subtlety of Streicher’s work, with delicately feathered imitation hairs that help to create the illusion of body and texture in Mandy’s brows.

Unlike microblading, which can last for up to three years, Streicher explains on her website that microfeathering will last for eight to 12 months. She usually recommends at least two appointments to ensure you receive textured, full-looking brows and regular touch-ups to keep the brows looking their absolute best.

Look, if it means having brows like Mandy, we’re willing to put in the work.

You can get microfeathering done here in Australia at select brow salons, including Amy Jean Brow Agency who have numerous locations throughout Australia and specialise in the brow treatment.

Want to know more about this much-talked-about treatment? Then read up on everything you need to know about microblading.

Have you tried microblading? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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