Barbie perfection lives on through Margot Robbie's Golden Globes nails

Doll-like flawlessness…

Content Producer / January 10 2024

If there’s one thing that we truly love to come from watching the awards show (aside from the general glamour of it all) is the makeup, hair and nail artists releasing the exact details on how they created the enviable red-carpet looks. 

Our Barbie queen (Margot Robbie, although we think you already knew that) partnered with the oh-so-glorious Chanel for the sake of her Golden Globes makeup. So of course we weren’t overly surprised to see the partnership extended over to her manicured to perfection nails. Chanel nail artist to the stars Betina Goldstein took to social media to (graciously) show us her step-by-step run-down of the glossy-nude Barbie nails.

Catch us taking this exact combo to our nail salon and begging them to invest in just a few Chanel shades so we can rock the doll-like nail perfection ourselves… 

High-End Hand Prep

We may have watched that iconic ‘Barbie wave’ more times than we care to admit, but we never stopped to wonder what her hand prep routine would be. One thing was going to be for certain though, it was bound to be expensive. And Robbie’s Golden Globes Chanel partnership certainly confirmed that suspicion.

So how exactly did her Golden Globes hand prep go? Goldstein started by removing any dry and dead skin with a gentle exfoliant, choosing the Chanel Sublimage Les Grains De Vanille- Purifying and Radiance Scrub ($140 at Myer) for the task. Then ensuring her hands are at max hydration, Goldstein teams (the unbelievably expensive) luxuriously nourishing Chanel Sublimage La Crème Texture Universelle ($590 at Myer) with the shimmer-inducing Chanel Le Blanc Oil ($220 at Chanel).

The *Exact* Shades

Oh-so-cleverly, Goldstein chose to layer shades to achieve the perfect ‘plastic’ Barbie doll hand look. The subtle nude shades effortlessly blend into Robbie’s skin, adding to the doll-like perfection she achieved (and continues to show) through the film and press tours. 

We know, you’re really just here for the exact shades and steps in question. So to start off with, Goldstein coated her nails with a single layer of Chanel Le Base ($49 at David Jones) to smooth the nail bed. Then the exciting part starts: applying one coat of Chanel Le Vernis in ‘103 - Légende’ ($32 at Chanel) THEN layering a coat of the lighter Chanel Le Vernis in ’175 - Skieuse’ ($48 at David Jones) over the top for the ultimate doll-like look. And of course she finished the look off with two coats of Chanel Le Vernis Le Gel Top Coat ($45 at Myer) for the protected shine every mani so desperately needs.

And because Goldstein is here to help us understand this blend of shades better, she shared this explanation: “Using Chanel Le Vernis Legende as the base colour gave the nails a beige depth, while Chanel Le Vernis Skieuse added a sheer hint of pink, making her nails blend with her skin tone to create that Barbie doll hand effect.”.

Barbie doll hands here we come. You’ll bet you’ll be catching us saving our pennies and saving this inspo for well, forever. Classic Barbie beauty will never go out of style…

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