We know the secret to Mary Fowler's one-step skin care routine

And it comes stocked at Priceline

Content Producer / March 14 2024

We’ve got some big beauty news. Are you ready? Mary Fowler (yep, of Matildas soccer stardom) has a new gig. And for a change this one doesn’t involve a soccer field. So, what could it be? We’ve got you on the edge of your seats don’t we? Fowler has been announced as the newest L'Oréal Paris ambassador. In a huge move the 21 year old is the first female Australian athlete to get that title (sorry, Sam Kerr). 

Fowler is a huge advocate for authentically expressing herself, whether that be through her bare-faced footy games, her stunning styled strands (bubble braids are a fave of hers), or now representing the L'Oréal Paris brand with a face of perfectly applied makeup. Fowler told Vogue that “ it's nice to be able to work with a brand that aligns with me in that way. That excites me in terms of what they're trying to do out there in the world.” 

Mary Fowler’s skin care routine

For a girl on the go (and we’re talking non-stop commitments), Fowler doesn’t have a lot of time to fuss about with a multiple step skin care routine. Her simple solution? Find one product that gives her glowing, nourished skin and stick with it. The ingredient that does just that for her? Vitamin C, the ultra-nourishing, glow-getting ingredient that’s bound to brighten up your skin. Granted, Fowler’s youthful skin doesn't need a lot of help in the brightening department, but when you’re bearing your skin on the global stage it can’t hurt to have a little extra help. 

The vitamin C product that Fowler always reaches for? None other than L'Oréal’s very own L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Vitamin C Serum ($59.99 at Priceline). No wonder this serum is Fowler's fave. Working with a super high-concentration of brightening vitamin C, this serum includes hydrating, nourishing vitamin E and even adds in pore-refining salicylic acid for good measure. 

If you’re not sold by all that already, Fowler says the serum “makes [her] skin feel so smooth, so soft” and being a simplistic person it’s a “product that works so well for [her]”. Fowler's other skin care tips include “drinking water [and] sleeping as much as I can; that goes such a long way for me as well.” 

We’re so happy to see that Fowler’s gorgeous glowing skin is taking centre stage; sorry soccer, skin care is the real winner here. 

Main Image Credit: @maryfowlerrr

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