The updo you can do on short hair

Expert tips that’ll help you master the style

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 28 2017


You may think that having short hair is limiting in terms of styling (especially something more intricate like an updo!), but having a bob or lob is much more versatile than you think. Here, hairstylist Sam Overton shares his top tips for achieving a twisted updo - a great style that strikes a balance between feminine and cool.


Spray it

Part your hair as you normally would, and apply a texturising spray all over to provide grit and hold to your hair. “Texturising spray is like an amalgamation of dry shampoo and salt spray,” says hairstylist Sam Overton. Try L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Beach Waves

Avoid going too heavy handed with the product. This step is to give us a bit of support and hold, so blast the product through the hair and shake your hair out with your fingers as you go.
Sam Overton


Twist it

Take a one inch section of hair from your left ear, and twist the section clockwise, collecting more hair as you go. Finish twisting when you get just over halfway across the back of your head.


Pin it up

With a French pin, insert the pronged side up through the braid, then twist it back down to lock it in place. “I prefer a French pin over a traditional bobby pin because I find that I can lock it in more with that,” says Overton. “If you look at the size difference in them, the bobby pin already has tension in it, where the French pin doesn’t.”


Twist it again

Now starting at the right side of your head, repeat the second step, but this time twist it in an anti-clockwise direction.


Add some more pins

Again with a French pin, lock your hair in place. “If you start seeing some of the pins, dont worry about it, because all we need to do is anchor it in again,” explains Overton.


Set the look

Spray some light hold hairspray into your hands, and muss up the style with your fingers. “The reason I’m doing this is so I can mess up the hair and manipulate it into where I want it to be, rather than spray it all over and setting it at once,” says Overton. Try TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray

Here are some more ways to re-work your short hair - find out more with this gallery with cute hairstyles for short hair.


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