The one makeup look that’ll NEVER go out of style, according to MBFWA 2019

Classic black eyeliner

We’re major fans

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 17 2019

While we’re all about a good makeup trend and experimenting with different styles (à la Kim Kardashian or January Jones), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia just proved that nothing beats the classic black cat-eye.

MBFWA Thurley

We want to cry happy tears, because who doesn’t love a good wing?!

Thurley models walked the runway wearing a dramatic swipe of black winged eyeliner – a bold, striking look that reminded us just how flattering a good cat-eye look can be. It’s without a doubt the easiest way to instantly uplift your eyes, and that one flick manages to just pull everything together.

MBFWA Thurley

Lancôme makeup artist Lara Srokowski, the hands behind these stunning beauty looks, says, “Thurley’s makeup look was inspired by the beautiful ‘70s-themed collection and illustrated with a statement feline flick”.

“This year at MBFWA we have seen a strong focus on the eyeliner, which is one of my signatures, so I thoroughly enjoyed creating all the architectural eye looks,” she says.

Srokowski used not one, but two eyeliners on the MBFWA models - Lancôme Grandiose Eyeliner and Lancôme Hynôse Liner Mini Maxi, explaining, “One with a precise tip applicator to map out the shape, and the waterproof Grandiose eyeliner in black to fill in the outline”.

Teamed with an otherwise pared-back beauty look (the glowy skin was courtesy of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear mixed with Lancôme Absolue Precious Oil and Lancôme Advanced Génifique), the bold eyeliner look worked to draw attention to the eyes, adding a little ‘pop’ to the entire look. “It intensifies the lash line and gives your eyes an instant lift,” says Srokowski.

MBFWA Thurley

What we love most about the classic winged eyeliner is that it’s totally versatile, and you can turn up the intensity depending on the occasion. Take your cues from the MBFWA Thurley runway for a dramatic eye look on your next night out, or you can even scale it back for a lighter everyday beauty look and opt for a thinner line (celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta dished out some amazing tips on how to nail this look).

We all know that applying eyeliner is no easy task, but remember that practice makes perfect – so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t turn out first go! One of our top tips is to not pull around your eyes (don’t worry, we’re guilty of this too!), because this can cause bumpiness and an uneven application. For a smoother look, try applying your eyeliner while looking down into a hand mirror, tracing along your lash line with short strokes.

Trying to nail the actual wing but your hands are too shaky? No biggie! Know that this part can be faked! Just draw your best wing (just imagine a line from the corner of your eye to the end of your brow) and clean up any mistakes/sharpen it with a micellar water and an angled eyeliner brush. 

If you’re ready to crank up your game, Srokowski also did a fun ‘70s twist on the classic wing for the Carla Zampatti show. “It’s really inspired by the ‘60s/‘70s liner look – we wanted to bring a modern approach to the classic eyeliner look, so we’ve gone for a really graphic architectural eyeliner,” she says.

“When the eyes are open, the eyeliner is quite triangular and has got that straight, edgy look to it, and we’ve complimented it with that really intense gold.”

MBFWA Carla Zampatti

Similar to the Thurley look, Srokowski kept the skin looking really natural and glowy (check out her trick to creating glass-like skin), to make sure all the focus was on that statement eye look. “It’s all about the bold eye!”

MBFWA Carla Zampatti

If you’re looking for more eyeliner tips, check out our article on the winged eyeliner tricks makeup artists swear by.

What do you think of this classic beauty look? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comment section below.

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