Meet the Crew: Annie Millar, Better Homes and Gardens

Beauty & Lifestyle Editor

Better Homes and Gardens Beauty and Lifestyle Editor / May 25 2017

Tell us a bit about your experience in the industry.

My experience in the beauty world started in 1984 when I trained as a Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist. In 1994 I co-developed a professional skin care range, training therapists nationally and internationally. I also have a Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching. 15 years ago I became a Beauty Editor. All my training and experiences help me inspire and empower women to take better care of themselves and hopefully, help them accept and enjoy who they are.

What’s been your biggest career highlight?

Doing beauty workshops/play for teens and women in shelters.

What’s been your favourite beauty discovery?

Volumising dry shampoo.

What do you think is the one beauty product every woman should own?

Sunscreen moisturiser.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever learnt?

Never use hot hot water on your skin, especially the face.

Confess your biggest beauty sin.

Wearing my hair tied back for days to delay having to restyle.

 What’s your biggest beauty battle?

Having over plucked my brows years ago reshaping them daily is a must.

Who is your beauty idol?

Any woman who celebrates who she is with confidence and grace.

The 3 beauty products we’d find in your cosmetics bag right now?

Brow wand, long-wear lip colour, eyeshadow sticks.

What is your beauty philosophy?

Beauty does come from within, but the better care a woman takes of herself on the outside the more she will glow.

Main image photography: Fabrizio Lipari

Annie Millar is a Beauty Expert with more than 30 years experience in the Beauty Industry. Her qualifications include Life Coaching, Makeup Artistry, Beauty Therapy and Secondary Teaching. She is currently the Beauty and Lifestyle Editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine.