Megan Fox just got a signature 'Karen' haircut (and is no longer a brunette)

Um, does she want to speak to the manager?

Editor / January 30 2023

When you think Megan Fox, you probbaly think 'bombshell' right? Right. What you probably don't think is 'Karen'. An Internet meme personality that has taken on a life (and a haircut) all its own, the term 'Karen' refers to the type of woman most likely to be complaining loudly that she needs to speak to the manager.

But though we don't have any fears that Fox's personality has changed (we'd bet she's as charming and magnetic as ever), she does seem to be embracing the signature 'Karen' cut. Here's everything we know so far...

What is the 'Karen' haircut?

There are two types of fringe-laden styles specifically associated with the dreaded 'Karen' vibe. One is an asymmetrical bob (shorter at the back and longer at the front) with a sweeping side fringe, and the other is a helmet-style front fringe-adorned lob. While neither are exactly ideal in the 'Karen' context, we're just glad she's gone with the latter over the even more divisive asymmetrical option.

Take a look for yourself at her newly-shaped style...

Why has Megan Fox cut her hair?

We don't mean to be dramatic, but we are lighting candles and chanting 'let it be a wig'. We don't mind the colour, and we've loved Fox with a fringe previously, but as mentioned, something about the combination just screams... well, Karen. Fitting, considering Karen is also said to often be found screaming at managers.

Considering Fox's status as an in-demand actress, it's safe to say that it could be a character-driven hair change, and that she'll be back to her radiant raven locks (or sampling the same Barbie blonde shade as she did in 2021) immediately upon wrap.

It is worth noting that Fox only posted the cut/colour combo via a temporary Instagram Story (instead of a proper grid post), so perhaps the look itself is temporary, too.



But just in case it's a permanent, personal change for Fox, we'll say this: expect the 'Karen' cut to be given a whole new lease on life. That's the pure power that Fox holds...

Main image credit: @meganfox

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