What is the 'wixie' cut?

The softer take on short hair explained

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 19 2023

The pixie cut is a timeless style. Regardless of the decade in question, there’s an iteration of the short haircut etched into the fabric of popular culture. 

Last year, the bixie haircut caught our attention for the way it allowed us to ease into the idea of short hair by slowly relinquishing our bobs an inch at a time. 

And if the start of 2023 is anything to go by, short hair trends aren’t losing any steam. 

Bobs are getting shorter à la Hailey Bieber’s slob haircut and we’re embracing a laissez-faire attitude when we step into the salon — after all, it’s only hair right? It’ll grow back. 

The trick is to select a style that looks effortless as it grows out, and that’s where the ‘wixie’ cut comes in.

What is the ‘wixie’ cut?

Coined by Oribe’s Global Artist, Adam Livermore, “the wixie cut is a combination of elements from a pixie cut and a short shag”.

“You have the short top and bangs of a pixie cut, and the longer fringier edges of a shag, which is the winged part,” Livermore explained to Byrdie

“I love a cut that works on people of any gender, and this truly does,” he went on to say. “With a few adaptations, you can make it more masculine or more feminine, or you can have both.” 

“The remix to the pixie; it’s much choppier and with more texture and shaggy edges," said hair stylist Gilbert Muniz in the same interview.

If the wixie cut looks familiar, that’s because it is — “fashion and trends repeat themselves.”

“We had the Meg Ryan cut in the ‘90s, the Dido look, and later on, the Posh Bob in the ‘00s,” he explained. “You get the adrenaline rush of a short cut with the inviting familiarity of some softer, longer, feminising elements.”

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“[Hair trends] are always inspired by something that has previously been done and then altering it and putting an edge or twist to make it trendy for today’s time,” he continued. 

“The pixie cut has always been a symbol of nonconformity, bold[ness], and empowerment” a sentiment that still holds true today. 

Want to get a wixie cut but intimidated by the styling challenge? This is how to style short hair, according to a pro.

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