How to style short hair, according to a pro

Jaye Edwards dishes out some expert advice

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 22 2022

As far as long hair is concerned, the styling options are endless.

But when it comes to short hairstyles such as the pixie cut and bixie cut, we’re often left scratching our heads as soon as we leave the salon. 

Feel the same? Introducing: Jaye Edwards, founder of Edwards & Co and Jaye Haircare, and (most importantly) the person who’s going to hold your hand through styling short hair. 

From the best products to use (and avoid), to heat styling tips, and even advice on how to deal with inevitable growth, this is how to style short hair.


The best products for styling short hair

Just because there’s less hair to work with doesn’t mean you can skip out on leave-in styling products. The key, according to Edwards, is to choose products that correlate with the style you’re trying to achieve.

“I love working with lightweight plumping creams like Jaye Haircare Defrizz and Fatten Cream ($49.99 at Jaye Haircare) for touchable, tousled hair,” says Edwards. 

“[However,] if I am going for a more structured, slick look, I love styling pomades for a wet but not greasy [finish], such as the ELEVEN Australia Slick Hold Styling Pomade ($24.95 at Adore Beauty).”

Not all hair products are for all hairstyles, though, which is why Edwards advises avoiding “serums and hair oils which can make short hair greasy very quickly.” 

Instead, try “using a weekly [nourishing] treatment as an alternative to conditioning serums,” he suggests.


How to heat style short hair

If you thought heat styling was a practice reserved for longer-haired lads and lasses, then you can think again. “You can [actually] buy hot tools tailored to short hair,” Edwards confirms. “I love the GHD Mini Styler ($280 at Adore Beauty) and [GHD] Creative Curl Wand ($250 at Adore Beauty).” 

As for blow-drying, Edwards recommends using “a cooler setting for a slower, more controlled dry, and always use a thermal protective spray to avoid damaging hair.”


The best styling tips for growing out short hair

Edwards assures us that when it comes to growing out short hair, the best thing you can do is “be patient!” 

But if you would like to speed up growth, he recommends using a hair growth supplement such as the Evolis Let There Be Hair supplement ($59.95 at Evolis Professional). He also advises scheduling in “regular trims and cutting down on heat styling.” 

Growing out your hair is also the perfect time to get creative. “Try experimenting with hair accessories and some slicked back looks while you're in the awkward inbetween phase,” Edwards advises.

And once you’ve grown out that short hair? Well, you’re officially in bob territory. Here are some of our favourite celebrity bob hairstyles to get you excited for this new stage of your hair’s life.

Image credits: @florencepugh / @_edwardsandco

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