What the heck is a ‘bixie’ cut?

The retro-inspired hair trend explained

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / November 01 2021

When it comes to fashion, we’re used to styles (some beloved and others most unwelcome) being recycled every decade or so, and the same can be said for hair trends.

After wading through the deluge of awful perms, bowl cuts and Billy Ray Cyrus mullets of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, an era of disheveled short shags existed. The likes of Meg Ryan, Winona Ryder and Courtney Cox all rocked the no-fuss look, and now it’s making a comeback in a big way.

Coined the ‘bixie’ by Aloxxi Artist Sam LaBella, the bob and pixie cut hybrid hairstyle is now having it’s modern day in the sun. “This look gives me the ‘Meg Ryan’ circa ‘90s vibes,” LaBella explained to  The Zoe Report. “Tapered at the nape and razor textured in the front makes this super playful and ultra sexy.”

Image credit: Getty

Image credit: Getty

The playful cut has already been trialled by trendsetting models Kaia Gerber, Hannah Kleit and Edie Campbell, who set a stellar example of how to make the short look versatile enough for the every day.




But it’s the likes of rapper Saweetie and Doja Cat who showed us the sleek red carpet potential of this seemingly shaggy ‘do. The “ICY GRL” herself donned a diamante-encrusted variation of the ‘bixie’ for the 2021 Met Gala, and Doja Cat chose a fairy floss wig in the retro style for the “Best Friends” music video the pair shot together. Now, Florence Pugh is bringing up the rear with a razor-cut bixie that’s rumoured to be in anticipation of an upcoming role (we’re not screaming, you’re screaming).




With summer well on it’s way, we’re definitely tempted to try this lighter look ourselves (please, someone, hide the scissors). 

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Main image credit: @florencepugh

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