The surprising reason Megan Fox doesn't wear her hair up

Even icons have insecurities

Digital Beauty Editor / May 26 2022

Considering the pop culture/fashion/beauty icon she’s cemented herself as throughout her career, it would be semi-understandable if Megan Fox had gotten a bit of a big head.

However, on top of the fact that said age-old cliché definitely doesn’t apply to her in a figurative sense (she remains a humble queen), it's also apparently a big literal stretch.

In fact, Fox actually happens to think she has quite the opposite: a small head. Like, literally. Because while we figured someone with her level of otherworldly beauty wouldn’t have an insecurity in the world, she just took to Instagram to reveal that she even avoids certain hairstyles due to fearing her head will look ‘tiny’.

“I never wear my hair up because my head is the size of a tiny edamame bean,” she captioned a recent glam look of her embracing a sleek, chic updo. “But this happened and we’re all okay. Baby steps.”


Firstly, great comment; edamame bean is not a term you hear/read everyday in the world of celebrity beauty looks, and it really paints a hilarious picture. Girl's got jokes. Secondly, we happen to think her head is perfect and she rocks an updo as expertly as anyone on the planet.

But thirdly, while it’s super common to be insecure about things that others don’t even notice or think twice about, we’re stoked to see that she’s pushing her beauty boundaries to overcome her updo aversion (and looking damn divine doing it).


So if you feel the same about any of your features, take comfort in the fact that (like we've been left today), people around you would probably be shook to hear you even stress about them. And try stepping outside your comfort zone every so often in the name of self-acceptance; like Fox said: baby steps.

Main image credit: @meganfox

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