Megan Fox just brought back the world's worst beauty trend

2001 called; it wants its aesthetic back

Digital Beauty Editor / December 08 2021

Some things should only be spoken about in hushed tones in shadowy corners: Voldemort’s existence, our adult affinity for The Saddle Club, and the fact that we all did in fact once think that concealer lips were the ultimate serve.

Long story short, anyone who dared exist in the ‘00s was a big fan. A far cry from today’s ‘the bigger and bolder the better’ lip-enhancing approach, the noughties were all about making our lips look as non-existent as possible.

The strategy to get them that way? A couple of coats of concealer, of course. How else would you make yourself look impossibly chic?!

But while we thought that these days the look was as secure in Lauren Conrad’s rearview mirror as The Hills, it seems it may in fact be creeping back into the current trend lineup. And for that we are blaming/thanking Megan Fox.

Yep, after first sparking the resurgence of punk-rock power couples, Fox is now working on another comeback tour; the return of concealer lips. Pairing her pale lip colour with its rightful buddy (a ‘00s smokey eye, duh), Fox debuted the look via the ‘gram of Jenna Kristina, the very makeup artist maestro that created the nostalgic aesthetic.


The feelings online (similarly to ours) were mixed. “I like the light lip on her best!😍😍😍” one commenter raved, with several others begging for the product combo breakdown to be dropped ASAP. Meanwhile, another wrote: “It’s too much for me. It really is.”

We must admit we’re curious about the product behind the look as well – we doubt a stellar makeup pro would actually be applying concealer to lips in 2021 – it’s probably more likely to be a particularly pale nude lippy shade, but hey, maybe ‘00s authenticity was the goal. We could respect that, too.

We’ll obviously stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime we’ll be appreciating Fox in all her ‘00s greatness in the absolute masterpiece that is Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. She was wearing gloss in that one, but hey it’s still an utter work of art…

Main image credit: @jennakristina

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