Megan Fox may be bringing back the one manicure trend we hoped to never see again

And we're SHATTERED to see its return

Digital Beauty Editor / April 21 2022

We’re all for Y2K trends coming back, we swear. Frosted gloss? Great. The pouf? Fine. French tips? Sure. Just enough time has passed that we can stand to welcome them with open arms.

There are some aesthetics, however, that we’d put in the ‘too soon’ pile, and 2012’s cracked nail polish aesthetic is definitely one of them. It’s only been ten years for crying out loud; let it rest for a little longer, we beg of you, beauty world!

Alas Megan Fox is back at it with the beauty trend reviving (concealer lips came first, FYI), showcasing what appears to be an old-school (literally, we wore them in school) ‘shatter mani’ in a recent glam look.

Remember shatter polish?! Designed to act exactly the opposite of how you usually want your nail lacquer to, the stuff was laced with a quick drying solvent that lead the glaze to dry quickly and unevenly, 'cracking' within minutes of applying.

Allow us to present what the world saw/what we saw when Fox's pic hit the 'gram...



Sure, we may be blaming the manicure for the memories we associate with its era, and sure, we could also be overreacting a tad (considering Fox's actual nail look is probably closer to gold leaf foiling IRL), but we’re triggered nonetheless. We're just not sure that every trend needs to be resurrected. Retro ones? Into ‘em. Recent ones? Still scarred.

But hey, just in case sweet nostalgia is calling your name, you can still get your mitts on a bottle of shatter polish if you know where to look. You won’t find it gracing the shelves of your local Priceline (anymore, that is) but you can find a few select shades of the OPI Shatter Collection ($8.95 per bottle at eBay) online.

OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer in Gold

OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer in Pink

OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer in Blue

It may not be our favourite aesthetic in present day, but if you're in need of a mani that disguises minor imperfections (because, well, the whole idea is that it looks like a cracked mess and hence polish chips are always well hidden), this could well be your solution.

And if we're being honest, we'll probably crack (forgive us) someday soon anyway; Fox's seal of approval is enough to get us to try just about anything...

Main image credit: @meganfox

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