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Cleanse and glow

Advertising Feature by Garnier / July 06 2020

The basics

Ah, micellar waters: they sound as fancy as they feel (we’ll crack that up to a combo of the chic French origins and the expert formula). But make no mistake: they’re as effective as they are enticing.

How, you ask? Micellar waters are made up of micelles (now you know where the name comes from) – AKA tiny dirt loving molecules.

When the solutions are applied to the skin, the micelles act like magnets, lifting dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing, gently removing impurities and make-up while cleansing and soothing the skin.

The perks

You know that one person who just seems to have a natural knack for everything? Micellar water is the skincare equivalent – its abilities go far beyond makeup removal.

For example, what if we told you that you could now get your glow on without a hint of highlighter? Or even a drop of face oil? Sounds like sorcery, no

Well, it’s not – if you’re after the recipe for radiance, we’ve got it: Garnier’s new Micellar Rose Cleansing Water and a cotton pad. That’s it. Rose water (the ultimate illuminating ingredient) is able to boost skin’s natural glow with a few simple swipes, taking skin from dull to downright brilliant and cleansed.

The real kicker? There’s no rinsing required – just cleanse and glow. And hey, the fact that it’ll leave your skin smelling like a rose garden doesn’t hurt one bit either.

The options

So you are keen to try micellar water but not sure if it will suit your skin type? Here’s how to find your perfect micellar match, all dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

If you have… normal skin

Try: Garnier Micellar All in One Cleansing Water

Not faced with any glaring skin concerns, but still keen to keep your complexion clean, fresh and soothed? The original Garnier Micellar Water easily cleanses and soothes skin, removing-makeup and impurities in one swipe. If you prefer a gel wash cleanser, good news: the original Micellar Water also comes in a Micellar Gel Wash alternative.

If you have… dull skin

Try: Garnier Micellar Rose Cleansing Water

Noticed your skin looking a little lacklustre lately? Give this new radiance-booster a go to leave skin cleansed and glowing. It has all of the benefits of the original Micellar with the addition of brightening rose water and a subtle floral fragrance.

If you have… dry skin

Try: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water

Cleansing can be tricky territory when you’re dealing with dehydration. This velvety smooth formula will work a treat, though – the moisturising micellar and milk combo allows it to get rid of impurities while also enhancing hydration.

If you have… oily skin

Try: Garnier Micellar Water Combination to Oily

Greasy residue is the enemy of oily skin - a freshly cleansed complexion should feel fresh and light, and this formula delivers just that. The invigorating blend regulates oil and refreshes the face without leaving behind any impurities.

If you have… blemish-prone skin

Try: Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water

Anyone with a blemish-prone complexion knows the last thing you want to do is harshly aggravate breakouts – luckily, the micelles are able to easily attract the dirt, oil and grime likely causing congestion without exacerbating the situation with no harsh rubbing required.

If you have… sensitive skin and eyes

Try: Garnier Micellar Water in Oil Delicate Skin & Eyes

Dealing with sensitive skin that tends to react or know the struggles of cleansing as a contact lens wearer? No problem. This ultra-gentle blend will easily remove makeup, cleanse away impurities and soothe skin all at once. Quite the overachiever.

If you have… a whole lot of makeup on

Try: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil

Ah, the classic smokey eye. Fun to show off, not so fun to remove - until now. This micellar mix teams micelles with argan oil to gently remove tough-to-take-off makeup without stressing skin out. In other words, waterproof mascara has met its match.

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