Micro-concealing: the second skin technique to try

The art of complexion camouflage

Digital Beauty Editor / November 12 2020

The role concealer plays in our beauty routines is an inimitable one. Possessing the power to fabricate the effect of adequate sleep, render blemishes near invisible, and add luminosity to high points in times where shimmer isn't welcome, it's a product as versatile as it is valuable.

Said versatility has been further cemented by the emergence of micro concealing; a method designed to marry flawless coverage with the finish of natural skin.

It's an approach to coverage we are decidedly grateful for within isolation, as while a full application of foundation feels excessive while working from home, video calls often warrant a level of polish beyond a completely bare face.

Micro-concealing serves as a happy 'no-makeup makeup' medium, allowing skin to breathe while also evening and enhancing the appearance and tone of your complexion.

We spoke to Valeria Ferreira, the makeup artist behind some of Lily James, Naomi Scott and Vanessa Kirby's best beauty looks, for tips on the technique.

What is the goal of micro-concealing?

"The aim is to mimic nature and create the illusion of a perfect even complexion; it's the art of camouflaging. Instead of covering big areas with product, you will aim to camouflage and disguise," says Ferreira.

"Micro concealing is all about strategic application, and using less product. Your skin will look even and fresh without looking like you are wearing much product at all. That's the secret behind it," she shares.


How does the technique work?

"Use a pointy eyeliner brush to dot concealer onto imperfections and only imperfections, then press the product onto the skin with a tiny sponge or finger," Ferreira tells BAZAAR. "Be firm and don't blend too much, just press. I use an eyeshadow brush to then blend some foundation or concealer to the surrounding areas creating a flawless skin finish illusion," she says.

"Having a few different shades [on] hand is essential, as blemishes have different hues, and a variety of tones are required to colour-correct and neutralise them," Ferreira advises.

What kind of concealer formulas work best?

"I recommend concealers that are of a drier texture and that have really good coverage—you'll get a quick result using far less product, and they tend to have great longevity also," she says. "Amongst my favorites are La Mer The Concealer, Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer, and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage."

Hourglass Hidden® Corrective Concealer

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

La Mer The Concealer

Main image credit: @valeriaferreiramakeup

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