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Milky Foot Review - Sara Sampaio

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Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / November 05 2019

Milky Foot is not your typical foot exfoliator. There’s no abrasive paddle to exfoliate away your cracked heels or granular beads to shift dead skin cells like when you scrub your face. Milky Foot is more of an intense at-home foot peel and the results are dramatic.

What is Milky Foot?

Milky Foot comes with two sock-like masks that you slip your feet into. The inside of the plastic ‘socks’ are laced with the foot peel formula, which your skin soaks up during the 45-minute treatment process. Over the course of the next three to seven days, the acids in the formula get to work, removing hardened skin from your feet while inhibiting bacteria.

How does Milky Foot work?

The Milky Foot lotion contains ingredients like milk ferment filtrates and almond-based mandelic acid, as well as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), amino acids and herbal extracts. The enzymes in the active milk ferment filtrates help break down the hardened protein in dry, scaly skin, causing the skin on your feet to peel. The exfoliating acids help remove dead skin cells, the amino acids moisturise skin, and the herbal extracts in the formula - like aloe vera, calendula and camomile - soothe and calm the skin during the peeling process.

The contoured, fitted shape of the Milky Foot boots help ensure the formula remains in contact with your feet, so that it can penetrate through the foot’s sole, sides, toes and heels.

You only need to use Milky Foot once to see results.

The pros 

It works! It does a great job of removing calloused and cracked skin to reveal smooth, baby-soft and moisturised feet.

The cons

Once you put those little socks on, there’s no turning back. You’ll potentially need to spend the next two weeks with your feet covered up to hide the flaking.

Is Milky Foot safe?

Looking at the results of that layer of dry, flaky skin as it comes off the bottom of your foot can be oddly satisfying, but is it safe to strip your feet of that tough layer of skin? Like all exfoliation, it’s good in moderation. You don’t need to use Milky Foot weekly, more like every three months or so. Milky Foot is a gentler treatment than foot scraping and doesn’t require any filing.

Do not use Milky Foot if your feet have open or bleeding wounds. It’s also not suitable for diabetics, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or children.

How to use Milky Foot 

The directions for using Milky Foot are simple - and after the initial 45 minutes are up, you can pretty much sit back and let it do its thing.

To use, place clean, dry feet in the 3D contoured socks for 45 to 60 minutes (no longer). Remove nail polish, gel nail polish and fake tan before you begin. After the time is up, rinse your feet under water and throw out the socks. After three to seven days, your feet will start to peel. You should never forcefully remove the skin, however you can soak your feet daily for 20 minutes in warm water to assist the peeling process.

Good to know: While Milky Foot claims you’ll see results in three days, the general consensus across real reviews is that it’s more like seven to 10 days, so if you’re using this foot peel to prepare for an event or tropical holiday, use Milky Foot two weeks before.

Where can I buy Milky Foot?

You can find Milky Foot at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse and the price is just $29.95. It comes in two sizes - Regular, which fits up to womens size 9, and Large, for shoe sizes up to womens size 13 and mens size 11.

Milky Foot comes in two variants - the OG Intense Exfoliating Foot Pads and the Milky Foot Active, which is ideal for sporty men and women and those constantly on your feet. It is a higher-strength formula with the added ingredient of tannic acid, and it helps prevent mild fungal infections and foot odour.

The before and after photo

There’s no denying it - the Milky Foot results are impressive (albeit gross!).

The Milky Foot reviews in Australia

There are two kinds of people who try Milky Foot. Those who try it once and say they wouldn’t try it again, not because it didn't work, they just found the process a little too disturbing to endure a second time; Then there are those who are addicted to Milky Foot and the impressive results, who repurchase it again and again.

“I've used these multiple times, I wear thongs pretty much all year round and the milky foot helps keep my feet looking good.” Nikkiem87, Chemist Warehouse customer

“Absolutely love this product. I have been using the foot peel for years and absolutely love it! Best thing ever!” Kirra2002, Chemist Warehouse customer

“A friend told me about this product. I have used many different creams and pumice stones for my feet and they left my feet a mess. This cream lives up to all it claims my feel are smooth and moisturised after one use.” Julie_th, Chemist Warehouse customer

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Have you tried Milky Foot? What did you think of the results? We’d love to hear your reviews below.

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